Confined Within Reality

Coughing up and regurgitating blood,

I hoped it was all but a dream.

The scintillating lights above me seemed to fade.

I was not alone; at my bedside stood a distinct, unfamilar shade.

Suddenly, a sharp needle pierced my vein.


The next ill-fated morning, I found myself lying within a tiny, secluded room.

I glanced at the seemingly-bulletproof windows.

To think people still manage to escape from here.

I chuckled to myself, and grabbed my sandals.

My friends missed me after all- I could not stay here.

Walking out the door, I came face to face with the clones.

The clones were not there to help me.

They wanted to manipulate me and brainwash me.

I refused to let myself become another slave of their cult.

They act so well, pretending they care about you.

Only to shove pills down your throat in order to control you.

As I charged quickly at one of the clones, another one acted quickly.

He tackled me, and soon the whole bunch of clones subdued me.


After what seemed like an eternity, I awoke from that nightmare.

The clones fear my power, it's why they keep me confined.

They label me as insane, not knowing that they mistreat a god.

They fear my intellect, they fear the angels that warn me and talk to me.

They killed and replaced my friends and family with phony lookalikes.

These are only some of the various sins they committed against me.

All hope was lost it seemed, but I had one plan in mind.

To act like I was one of their pawns.

To pretend like I was taking the medication.

To stop talking about my immortal friends that were born with pure red eyes.

Lastly, to pretend like I was listening to their useless talk therapy.

Eventually, they would let me out.

They had to.

I was going to escape this illusion we call reality one way, or another.

I had to warn the survivors of reality.

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My family
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