Now and Then

Dear Then,



You are not seen, yet you'll always be there for me

though You are there, You can't be predicted

You are beautiful but know You have Your faults

You make me seem ugly

You change me.



We're not the best together

something must change

everyone, everything You once loved, i love

You destroy

i don't like You

i won't.



not You, not We, but I.

the light you hold, I follow regardless

every day until thou shall no longer show

I chase you 'till the end ol' pal.

only to be chased back.

There's only so much I can handle


you yin and I yang 

Afterall, I control us

I make you

to Predict or to Create?

we have mirrors for a purpose

the purpose to ask if you have changed

I can control what I become.

you are inevitable so

you will be exactly what I decide


I forgive you. 


-Sincerely, Now


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Our world
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