A Healthy Relationship

“ I’m done with you”. “ No I’m done with you !” This the last time... But that’s what we said last time. 

A healthy relationship is even on bad terms we still remain loyal and true.

A healthy relationship is even when we argue we show compassion.

A healthy relationship has trust that’ll get us through. 

A healthy relationship doesn't show love with just words but action.

A healthy relationship has respect for one another, that’ll have us both put in check.

A healthy relationship is when honesty is promised.

A healthy relationship contains a strong friendship.

A healthy relationship has communication that won’t turn into an altercation.

Listening when i need to vent, when i cry you hold me in your arms.

Call me beautiful when my hair not done.

When you out with your friends you show me off like I’m the only one.

You educate me instead of belittle me... Because I Love You. 


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