God's Daughter by Timothy S.

Ms. you are God's beautiful daughter, so why do you give your body to these men who don't deserve you? God heard you when you was wetting your pillow with tears of past mistakes on the losers who used you. You are a princess, who should receive a King because you're delightful like someone who sings in a melody that's ecstatic. You have a Heavenly Father who's passionate about your soul and as you continue to grow He sees everywhere you go. Although the words you're hearing are calling your name outside-remember you can hide in the soft arms of Jesus. Abused, raped, mistreated, and declined-all of these experiences don't feel fine, and personally, I'm very sorry for these events, but God needs you to know that He loves you my lady, and He sees you like Usher singing, "there goes my baby." But you're really His baby-not some song with a chorus-there's a deeper meaning between the Father and you. Let go of the dogs who likes to touch you and take advantage-they leave you damaged and unable to managed after the pleasure-all the while you're completely confused about what happened? This is directed to a specific person searching for love in the wrong places-you are adored and accepted from your Heavenly Father who knows you. 

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