I Believe I Met A Phore


crystal lake
United States

Hi, my name is Brittany

I am terrified of a blenny

I scream and cry

I reach the heavens; I shout so high


Run child; You are full of fear

Swim until they’re nowhere near

Ha! This ain’t no joke

You’re free to go without a croak


The water’s reached it’s end

For the flea must soon commend

Sand, burst through those feet

Legs, find the street


Terror is soon to pass

As the chest will lower the bass

Hands will shake until muscles give way

Soon you will be at bay


Harmony streams through the pores

And freedom is finally yours

Whew, you’ve now found the way

It’s been one hell of a day


Nightmares of blennies tattooed your mind

Sadly now, they’re forever intertwined

Until the end of time, blennies dictate your life

Even into your afterlife, they’re in a strife


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