Sister Sister

On an island

Not alone

Who is with me

In this land unknown?


Sister Sister

Is it you?

My only solace

When I am blue


I need you here

To keep me warm

To make me smile

To ride out this storm


I need your hugs

I need your laughter

I’m getting closer

My heart beats faster


Sister Sister

My best friend

If you are with me

My fears will end


I need your voice

It keeps me sane

It makes me calm

It eases the pain


I need your bravery

It gives me hope

It keeps me grounded

It helps me cope


Sister Sister

I can’t live without

I need you here with me

I start to shout


Can you hear me?

Are you there?

If that's not you

Then…(I gasp for air)


It was just a tree

My mind playing tricks

I am beginning to unglue

Only your presence can fix


Sister Sister

I am all alone

I know I won’t make it

All on my own


Screaming and crying

I’m calling your name

“Where the fuck are you?”

I begin to exclaim


Off in the distance

I see a bright light

If God’s looking for me

I’ll go with no fight


Sister Sister

The light is a boat!

You are calling my name

There’s a lump in my throat


Always my rescue

From outside and in

You saved me my sister

You saved me again


This poem is about: 
My family
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My sister is my everything, and has helped me through all of our lives many tribulations. We grew up in a large impoverished family with two alcoholic parents and have overcome the struggles that arose from that together. I cannot live without her.

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