Sitting on the edge of the bed, her pencil scraping the paper writing like a crazy woman the last two words of her note:


I’m Sorry!


Brick by brick her walls had come down. The sobs came through ripping through her flesh, muscles, and bones. She closed her bloodshot eyes, swollen and throbbing from the dam of water that had just cascaded out of her body.


Her head pounded and temples pulsated. The faint noise of the chime of her cell phone jingle echoed throughout the house marking the 12th call, but this time she felt as if the sound was bouncing only inside of her head back and forth from one side of her skull to the other. The pain she felt was unbearable.


She slowly opened her eyes and moved her attention to the bottle of fatal capsules standing at the edge of her desk taunting her. Every doubt she had, vanished from her mind as all of the noise around her subsided into complete and utter silence. The only sound that was heard was the beat of her own heart.


She languidly reached across her desk to pick up the bottle. Her trembling fingers struggled to loosen the firm lock on top. Eyes closed, she lifted it up to her quivering lips… the she heard a sharp loud gasp. Abruptly stopping her movements, she turned her attention to her mother standing distraught in the doorway.


Ashamed and embarrassed she noticed her mother’s teary eyes and red face as she sniffled, holding back the waterworks that was about to erupt. Like a wrecking ball, the one epiphany that she needed to realize hit her… and it hit her hard. She had someone who cared. Her mother… and she could’ve found her pale cold corpse sprawled lifelessly on the floor.


As her mother wrapped her arms around her daughter, sobbing uncontrollably, a rush of calm went through her. It was as if all of the warmth from her mother's body emanated into hers, traveled through her bloodstream, and relaxed her completely. As her tears dried up and her cries turned to sniffles, she heard the faint sounds of police sirens knowing they were coming to her rescue.

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My family
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