Love Overdue

Baby I know it wasn’t just my love that you never felt

I know that you couldn’t feel it because you never loved yourself

But I want to show you the beauty I see in you

But that is something I find myself struggling to do

I will not feed my obsession of a girl who could never love me back

But still when I see you it becomes hard to breath

Because I only wish that you could see me

But your tunnel vision has kept me out of your sight

I don’t know how because I can’t manage to keep you out of mine

You’re a daisy among weeds

You’re the wind lifting up the trees

And god damn it,

You are the shake in my knees

Just like that, a love poem and back

I couldn’t hate you if I tried

Because trust me I have tried

And it hardly ever lasts

The memory of the taste of your lips change my mind

Convince me that I am crazy for ever expecting anything in return from you

Tells me to only give and give and give myself to you

Until I am nothing more than a memory of your past

Another piece paved into your path

Only a first kiss never your last

Throwing myself into you

Somewhere along the way I began to believe there was nothing more than you  and me

Your love was all I’d ever need

So one night I held you in my arms

Your breathe heavy and my arms weak

I could no longer carry both you and me

So that is when I began to fall

You in tow all our troubles tangled together

I weaved myself so deep in you

I became attached and never knew

That I could even exist outside the idea of me and you

That’s how it began I started putting me first

You became the second verse

As I started rising up I could see you back in the dust

I tried to coax you up with me

But there simply was no harmony in you and me

It had quickly spoiled, you and me, turned to me and you

And now I stand with only me left

I’ve tried to bring you here with me

Keeping us separate entities

Because the danger in you and me

Is found in the word between us both

We were always looking for our other halves

Not realizing that if we put that much faith in you and me

When one falls down the other will as well

Together we could never be better

Because one will always be worse

The toxicity transferring between you and me

So hear me in this final verse
I love you no less

I think that we did our best

But two broken people can’t make a whole

Because they will never fit right

I’ll do my best to build me back

And keep my love I have for you intact

No matter how mad you will ever be

I still loved when it was you and me


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