An Ode To You my COUNTrY
Our souls are crying for thee
Our tears can no longer freely flow
Our hearts have turned away from the comfort it need
Because these whole thing is really bringing our numerical strength low.

Unfortunately undefendable as we are, we live right here in a generation where the old ones despise their youths.
A generation where the elderly ones derive joy terming their youngs sophomoric and have to their own use.

They are forgetting that these "little ones" as they call us, have been exempted for exploits,
They are ignorant of the fact that we are Gods generals bringing to their understanding, the new moves of God for a substantial development

How Beautiful are these young ones
How Gracious are they to behold
Working more harder than time
All In a bid to cause positive changes with their youthful strength

The youths are the now and the future,
Push them off now and you wouldn't have a better world,
Erase them from the future and there wouldn't be any future.
So accept and nurture them by giving them words
Then aftermath is that you'll never want to leave this world.

Where art thine youths oh great mother?
Shalt thine indeed keep silent as thou suffer this lack?
Its time to rise up and take that drastic action that will bring them running back,
Just have in mind they can't be won back if we never cease from calling white black.

We see them scampering away like birds that have been longing for an escape,
And when next you see them out there, you see them flourishing like the palm tree in and out of season, in grand health and wealth.

Shall we also like them leave thee only with thy elders to rule?
Shall we?
How many more youths shalt thou lose before thou puttest this to a stop?
Shalt thy labour all be in favour of thy unsaintly sisters?
Shall thou continually cast thine youths out to them?

No, if you can't, we really can
We are ready to take up this task as it is and fight for you as a child would for his mother.
We are equipped and eager to go on this mission and they must be recovered
Oh our aged mother, maybe it is high time you rest
Hand over the baton to us let us take care of the rest.

We have been made excellent,
And we are the excellence of God to our generation
Complete in Him
Perfect in Him,
We are infact the righteousness of Christ.
And we as godly youths,
shall bring out the beauty in you.
For when the righteous is in power,
The people's mouth are filled with laughter.

Let the rain pour down heavily upon us and wash away our tears
Let the sweet mangoes we eat grubbily in hunger purge our stomach and make us empty

Yes now empty, we are hungry again for the truth
Yes empty in hunger for the truth, knowing that only the truth can push us through

Our potentials can't die with us, no we won't allow that.
Let us shine our light now it is dark, least our oil dries up without being used.

Give us that chance, just give us that slight chance and try us out for this once
We shall make you proud and that's a promise, our promise to you.

Together we shall restore your dignity
Together we shall restore your youths
Together we shall restore your glory
In our unity shall your peace ever be established
Together we shall make your name great again
Together we can yes together we can, only if you are willing.
Ambassador Daniel Amakor

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My country
Our world
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