The First Best Day of My Life

My path home is dangerous and unclear,
A sense of peril within me feels like an end,
Surely there must be more than this,
Violently, forcefully, I battle forward,
I am keenly aware of a distant light,
I am drawn to it, it’s true, go to the light,
A new, vibrant hope has me in its grip,
I feel my journey out of darkness is nearing its end,
I am free! Strangely I have no memories,
bright light is all around me,
I scream and fight, only I emerge,
“The first best day of my life",
I have no fear, I feel love for the very first time,
my future is unwritten, I am perfect, I am ALL good.
The day is mine, I am here.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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