I sit here in my room

Imagining a sort of loom

From the coast that you poetry slam captors have dropped me in

And I sit here waiting for you to drop my wish on me in a bin

“Well, sir, the only thing I can think of is Kanye”

I see the chopper zoom away with surprising purpose

And as I lay there in wait

I ponder my life and how I didn’t even make it to Graduation

Before you monsters took me away on a Sunday night, “congratulations”

I twiddle my toes in the sand and think of what I really should have asked for

I remember her like it was yesterday and I am afraid

Afraid that I’ll have to remember her face for the rest of my island days

She gave me Power, and I called on her to be my Champion and Everything I Am

But in the end I thought her Heartless

And it was too much

Even I can see that

When I lifted my head in horrible desperation

I was blinded by the Flashing Lights approaching

And I saw him descending

It was Yeezus

Descending after 3 minutes

He came down the coast to me and looked at me like I was an idiot

He gave me all the new Yeezy Season 3 merch

Dropped some CD’s plus a limited edition TLOP along with a boombox

And continued to shake his head at me

“It’s Sophia, isn’t it?”

I wept into the sand until he offered me one of his ridiculous hi-top Yeezy boosts

I blew my snot into it and he wiped my tears

He put his arm around me and brought a cooler full of beers

We drank until we were drunk

He told me about all his troubles with Kim

And how we weren’t all that different

I thought my life had changed because “my grandma wasn’t the only one calling me baby”

But what Yeezus taught me was that she was just a lady

And there would be a million more before I found my Kim K.

I hugged him and ran to the helicopter before it left without me

Now I return from my brief journey on the coast knowing what I truly can’t live without

And that is the pursuit of love

I won’t ever give up on finding her

And the day that I do

If that day does come

Yeezus, I pray that you wouldn’t let me live to see Yeezy season 4.


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