Clear of Mind

Clear of Mind


For all the times I never could

Bring a calming state like I should

See ocean’s wide blue eyes

Wrap myself, me and I


Collect vanishing stars at night

Leave my thoughts in paths behind

The brightness of my single island

Until exhaustion slowly widens


Illuminated dream of virtue

No worry to fight my way to reach you

The brightness of my single island

Laying down deep exile


Discover nuisance of the poison

Wrapped around unspoken silence

A wondrous place to let me be

But worry will consume what I can’t see


Confident shells for a pretty girl

 My mind will twist and turn

The brightness of my island

Memories on top of eyelids


For all the moments to come

The moments of pain and sorrow

Give me a piece of mind

To never worry on my bright island


A clear of mind from the voices

That will tell me to make choices

A pain of your memory

A soft, bright island to me.


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