Like a woman in her labour she travailed,
yet in her labour couldn't let the enemy prevail
The enemies fought exceedingly hard,
So hard and immense were their effort to make sure her seed won't stand.
Despite all these struggles, she kept on blossoming like a tree so green,
And these unexpected outcome confounded the enemies and they couldn't grin.
ALAS!!!! ALAS!!!!
This struggle of labour has finally come to an end, its over.
And that much dreaded fruit has been delivered
Bond together in unity
And oh!!!! T'is a miracle
With great disregard to the fundamental law of growth,
This seed stood tall above few of her elders, if not most.
The heart of a continent so hard and smartworking,
The fruit tree that quenchs and feeds the thirsty and hungry.
Having learned about the story of her birth experience, when trouble comes she says never.
And in the midst of trouble she never ceases to raise great entrepreneurs.
The mystery behind her strength could be traced to the history of her threats,
She's been accumulating heavyweights like Ambassador Daniel Amakor and others, who are helping make her paths straight.
Blessed with the blessing of multiplicity and ability to create,
She gave birth to living seed whose priority is to make their mother great.
Though still in her youthful age, she gave herself out to be led by leaders which she crafted out herself.
An epitome of beauty
The carrier of milk and honey
The tourist Center of her continent
Customised by the creator only for himself
She is Nigeria
She is the heart of Africa.
Ambassador Daniels Stands for you

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My country
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