My Poison Apple

Dear Diary - err... Journal,

My heart used to be the size of a kernel,

But Once Upon a Time

My world spun on a dime.

Hair black, lips red,

Fell asleep in my bed.

When she finally is awake,

My heart does anything but break.

She is so beautiful.

Loving her seems only dutiful.

While cleaning, she moves my stuff,

Which makes me more than a little gruff.

But she isn’t that bad,

And I find the thought of her leaving makes me sad.

She made me food,

Even brightened my mood.

Now she is gone,

Off with some old lady that showed up on the lawn.

The hag took her from me

And now I just sit in my tree,

Wondering when

She will come again.

It has been a day

And I can’t hide my dismay.

She is gone forever!

I say to my toad Trevor.

The next day

To my utter dismay

She is dead,

Her lips no longer red.

Apparently, she can be awakened with a kiss,

From her true love - I can’t miss.

My brothers and I race to her coffin,

Her features have already started to soften.

The coffin I could see right through,

It couldn’t be true.

Then this punk had the gall,

To come around and ruin it all.

He kissed my love,

Light as a dove.

When she awoke,

I heard myself croak.

I cried to Trevor

“She was gonna be mine forever!”

I ask the prince if he will give her back

My voice starts to crack

And he says, “Never!”

I am pretty sure I heard my heart sever.

Sincerely hating life,


The Dwarf with a knife.

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