Staring At The Drape In Front Of Me

Masking yourself always seemed easier they said.

Fear always obtained me, strapping me down in

 Chains and holding me in its hands as I struggled.

Just look into my eyes and you will see a shy girl.

The way of my being gives me desires to shiver,

So revealing my disguise stuffs me with dread.

I am not just an ordinary young one. While

Humans turn away from learning, I thirst for knowledge.

 While humans love being together and articulate, I

Isolate myself with publications in a rear corner.

Privacy was my best friend and always has.

Fitting into their puzzle seemed perfect, as I expected

More joy but instead got an unpleasant gift of sadness.

I feared revealing my inner spirit due to judgment.

Here I am now behind a drapery of true being,

Petrified and obnoxious. Then it comes to light thinking,

Will it truly matter to them if they are my sincere companions?

By: Janie Espinoza

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