To the girl


To the girl by Daante Wilson                 
     ~ Shanice lashae bean, a beautiful person inside and out never forgotten but heaven found~

Rip to the girl everyone knew
Who everyone loved or had grown to.
Rip to that contagious smile
The one that made me laugh every once in a while.

Rip to a beautiful soul
Someone who was always happy and ready to go
Rip to the hugs you gave
Leaving the remembrance of your tight embrace

Rip to our life goals
Although yours was cut short through me they’ll live on
Rip to the girl who loved that dance
The one I sat in your lap and you held my hands

Rip to us singing songs not knowing the words
But still sung along
Rip to all our mem-or-ies
The ones I’ll keep but will share freely


Rip my beloved friend
I’ll miss you and that’ll never end
Rip to our last night
After the game you hugged me tight
Told me you loved me and said you were so proud
I hugged you softly
Would hug you harder now…

Oh Shanice oh Shanice please here my cry
I can’t stop thinking about all these times
People come and people go
But you my friend out do them all

I’m ending this can’t see because of tears
You were taken to fast beyond your years
Forever embedded in my mind, body and soul
I love you baby –girl
That you must know

I send you this letter and expect a reply
I need to hear your voice
Don’t need a goodbye
Rip to the beautiful Shanice
And may you forever…
Forever and ever…rest in peace…

Love D


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This is beautiful . RIP 

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