Hear Me Roar

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 16:25 -- vallao


I was the girl who never stood up for herself.

I was the girl who never dared spoke up.

But I am not still the same girl.

See I was tired.

Tired of hearing my name spat out.

Tired of hearing my “friends” saying awful things about me.

Tired of never being enough.

But I still just listened.

I listened until I couldn’t take anymore of this so called friendship that were only left me in tears.

So I spoke

I spoke up to those who spat my name, who are now friendly to me

I spoke up to my so called friends, who now hardly look me in the eyes

I spoke up so I can be enough for just me, myself, and I.

But now I fear the worst.

Was it all my fault now that I have no friends?

The answer is no I tell myself those people used me.

Maybe all my “friends” were right maybe I was selfish

But does it make me selfish for wanting more in life than just fakeness?

The answer is no, I was not selfish for wanting a better life.

You see three years ago I found my voice and that has changed my life completely.

3 years after I found my voice you see a different girl.

I am now not afraid to stand my ground

I am not afraid to leave the people who put me down

And I am most certainly not afraid to let my voice roar.

So I have found my voice now, and let me promise you

I promise not to let anyone take it

And I most certainly promise to not go back and be the girl who was once afraid.


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This poem explains how I found my voice in the world

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