(Spoken Word) America Bless God

         America; America the great | The New World stands with open gates | Open arms to the shambled freights | Heavy laden with the poor and the desperate | The ambitious come to prosper, but all will find a clean slate | Now here’s the part that the textbooks never illustrate | That as these settlers first set their feet in the golden soil of the United States | Heaven cried WAIT!  | You can immigrate from famine, high tax rates, or the oppressions your government legislates | But there are two crimes no man can run from | They are hate and the evil that man’s sin generates.


Oh no, don’t turn back now! | You see; God is all about renewing | A purity so alluring that people come from miles for newness occurring | But new lands will always be stained by the unclean hands of unclean men.


The United States has stood sturdy for more than two centuries | But our safety and security rest not only on our maturity; they rely on our purity | That guy, Abraham Lincoln, once said that “America will never be destroyed from the outside, but from within”; | That means the hearts of men holding secret sins that keep a man from winning his life | That’s every angry text and unspoken goodbye | Every broken home and single wife | Smoked joint and 12 oz. Bud Light | Every single issue we ignore when we know it’s not right | Instead we spend hours tabbing up websites, searching up the newest craze or public fright | We may think we’re bright, but perhaps our understanding is dimmer than our computer screens.


So, let’s say you are concerned | Maybe you have pushed away the world’s intoxications long enough to make some conclusions about your life and your nation | So the people cry out, “Which way then?” | Everyone sees the problems, but the question remains; | How will we solve them? | Surely not with the goodness of our hearts | This device of uncivil upstarts that causes peace to depart and pain off the charts | It is the tragic story of every socialist revolution, | Every secular conclusion and “good-willed” intrusion | That corruption springs from corruption even under a deception of “care” and “acceptance”.


People: If we want to change: if we want America to change, we need repentance! | Because without it we’re just reinstating the evils we try to erase | A clean slate; yes, we need a clean slate | Except when we use it as a free space to once again pile on our own distastes | Our past mistakes | So it can only be fake.


How can anything be cleaned with hands so dirty? | That’s mud to the thirsty: false hope to the hurting | ‘Cause I’ll tell you that these hands alone are no help to nobody | These hands alone | Man's hands alone.


When this nation was made under God, that implied two constitutions | Man’s: to correct the institution, and God’s: to correct man’s illusions | A law that cannot be alluded or excluded by any man: race, gender, or social strand | (That’s equality y’all) | And it is this law broken every day by my hands | Your hands | A world scarred barren by man's unwise plans | But here we stand, America the grand, and all formed at God’s command.


Interesting history fact: | The revolution didn’t start at Concord or Lexington from oppression under Britain; no, no | It started on the Calvary cross; the defeat of Satan through the death and resurrection of God’s Son | The perfect and holy one | The one who is and is yet come.


We say we’re the land of the free and the home of the brave | So why are we led as slaves by the sins that we crave? | Jesus lives to break those chains | To end the flames, end the pain, and make us all clean again | So why do we act appalled when a man has fallen from a walk to a crawl? | Because God doesn’t stall when the humble cry, “HELP!” | You may call that kind of pride “American idealism” | But my ideal America is living in the blessing of Christ.


If there is one solution to righteous American change, it’s this: | No protest march or public riot is intended | If we just turn to God with open hearts, His grace will always be extended, because His Constitution has already been amended for every single sinner the Creator has befriended and ever will.


If we want God to bless America, we need to be a blessing to God.

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