Do you remember

Do you remember who I am?

Or who I used to be

The one who you would do everything with

Don't you remember me?

Do you remember how we hung out every weekend?

Or how we dreamt of being rockstars?

Or dreaming of inventions and going insane

How about that time that we met

Nearly twelve years ago

In soccer

We were four

I didn't know that day that I'd met my BFF

But now we've grown and you never say hi

Or ask me to hang out

You wont return my messages

And you shun me like a leper

Do you not remember how we wanted to solve mysteries together?

Or travel the world

Or be there for each other

Do you even know what BFF means?

I remember the "bee week"

And how your hamster died on Christmas

I remember your laugh

And how you used to smile brightly

How we used to think we were psychics

Or could guess how high we could fly 

How we could always chase away the pain

And the games we used to play

How we used to fight over everthing

And forgive each other next day

I remember everything

I remember what best friend means

And what we used to stand for 

I moved away so long ago

but I still think of you

The happy moments

The sad moments

and everything in between

I've come so far from where I was

I know that you've changed too

but I still remember what we were

and how much hope we had

I got a job and went through school

And I fell in love

I hope that you've done the same

though I know it must be hard

When I said goodbye you hated me

and I didn't understand

but now I look back and I hope you forgive the mistakes I've made in the past

So tell me do you think of me

Or that time we almost drowned

Or falling off the trampoline 

Or exchanging secrets in the tent

You remember anything of these 12 years past

Or are the fading memories 

That just aren't meant to last

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