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Intimacy is foreign to me It’s the company that I long for  It’s the friend who knows  My needs  And no I don’t mean
school days! school days! learning for the boys but the girls are just toys pass them around  and then  just deny it   school days! school days! boys can come shirtless
Men should be able to make laws about women Women should be able to make laws about men We should all have the same respect for each other and try to understand each other
girls rise and fall but we stay with each other though it all to potect ourselfs from men who think they own us pulling us back to reality that has been pertone upon us. we give life but we cant take it right out.
Women.Women are always shunned uponunderestimatedUnderratedBelittledand why?because no one knows how powerful we could really be.Women.
Women.Women are always shunned uponunderestimatedUnderratedBelittledand why?because no one knows how powerful we could really be.Women.
The godess Athena used to spend her time helping soilders win battles, now she's in the front line herself. However, you won't find her on your traditional battle field. Instead, she's leading a march fighting for womens rights.
We are frantic, unguarded, constantly anxious, forever-troubled, either too-loving or too-lusting, always showing-off, moment-capturing, obsessed romantically, very fragile, in agony from broken hearts, image-driven,
Choose to grow within the treacheous weather. Choose to bloom throughout the rain and grab a sweater. I cannot lie, it won't be easy. But choose to be the purple flower, not the puny seedling.
At the age of twelve, after the ceremonial blood bath, my mother sat me down and told me that I would have to be a women. A women. There was rules to the name. To be a women you must grow your hair. 
Arid remarks Shrugged-off side glances Painted with painful disdains Torment and colorful disgust Intrinsically defined by nothing but Side comments and catcalls— Little girl.
There is no freedom here, not really anyway You want your God? Please, take it as it’s never answered any of our prayers
   Gemini woman is that you?.. Over there with your beautiful Fierce stare  well listen here my beautiful little zodiac queen . I want to know if it’s true?.. Is it true that your the one with the twin ?
Dear Men, I can't even remember the first time I was catcalled as it happens so frequently it now feels like a routine.
I held a rose today  I grasped its thorns aggressively  My ring finger was pricked As if nature had told me, “She is far too exquisite to be tainted by those who do not understand 
I saw duke's campaign just the other day, and learned alot of reasons for words we shouldn't say " I don't say man up because I don't believe in gender norms" MAN UP! YOU'R A BOY!
To the next generations of female scientist: in a country they are afraid to be accept in, You are not alone.
He threw the woman he “loved” against a wall last night. She needed to defend herself in that fight His anger was heard through the walls Her screams apparent as she falls
When I look at my reflection I see me My whole  - dark eyes like  a shimmering sea I see a girl when I look at me   When I look at the news
No means no. Yes means go. they say it's your fault. I was so young and confused.  I wouldn't talk or eat. I cried myself to sleep. It's not my fault.
Trigger Warn
There's something I want to start with, that any objections to women being unable to have power because of womanly issues is a myth, I know there are plenty of strong women, and I know because of you my friend.
Im flawless... From my feet up to my noggin And anybody that's thinking different, we're surely to have a problem. Im great!! At least, that's what I say when I look into a mirror
Everyone is unique Different talents, different abilities, different attributes No one is the same Different eyes, different hair, different skin We all have one thing in common, though My generation
When no one else sees it, when no one else hears it, when no one feels it; THIS LITTLE BRAIN OF MINE does. Through thick and thin, thoughts lost, and emotions gone; THIS LITTLE BRAIN OF MINE is there to find them.
on the spectrum of dreams only one is heard as usual   in everyday life only one is valued no surprise   "let us make a change" we repeat as nothing changes  
My thighs expand the length of continents But the breasts I was given cannot be confused with mountains My hazel eyes ooze the color of a muddy emerald sea But the pores on my face are often compared to broad craters
She woke up like that, she’s flawless But I woke up disoriented, messy-haired, and a hot mess
YES. ALL WOMEN.  If my crossing to the other side of the road upsets your fragile ego
I was a in Cub Scouts before I was in Girl Scouts My dad was the troop leader He treated me just like every other boy   We learned about astronomy and constellations We made paper mache volcanos
Let your mind Bloom like a flower In spring.    May your thoughts Grow fertile In soil of encouragement.    Create a field of plenty Waiting to be harvest
I'm sorry I didn't grow up A boy being told he could be anything I wanted.
Who am? Who am I without all the makeup?
"She’s a feminist."Scratch thatThey said it more
  Accept this  except that 
I remember how the shackles fit since I was three years old  and noticed that my brother had cars and I had an apron lined with  silver bars, they trapped my dreams they hid my screams under a noxious smell
girls are taught to be somebody's  instead of somebodies
I want to leave a mark on the world Not just any colon or comma One that inspires the heart Something bold like an exclamation, Sharp! Within past history whether it be  Black or tan
This is supposed to be about how I'm flawless, right?
Rebellion. The sweet word  with a combination of freedom recklessness and disorder.   Love it, Break it, Tear it if you will-- I'll scream its meaning loud!  
Woke up, hooped out of the bed then looked at the time looked in the mirror, rubbed my eyes kinda shocked what i find is this thing true, or is this some image that is trapped in my mind
Flawless in more ways than one I am a girl with a flick of tongue, of witt, of fun   I am more than just a girl I am hilarious observant a hurrican of passion  
They never see me, the boys in my classes. I sit right beside one, smiling and laughing at his outrageous stories.  Our eyes lock as he exams the room
I'm a flawless lady made of different parts, it's hard to find the words to start. Everything about me screams flawless. Whether it's the way I walk with my head held high or the aroma I leave when I walk bye. 
Why am I here I ask myself every day To live, to love, to laugh maybe I don't fully understand my purpose Hopes of being something great Dreams of being something amazing I wonder how people see me
Nature is the light
I did not wake up like this I grew with love and happiness my family kept me grounded and strong my faith kept me where I belong I might have my faults, don't we all?
i am flawless because i wake up every morning and don't want to get out of bed but i do anyways.   and every day, i wear my battle armour;  whether it's red lipstick or my combat boots
Flawless. Flaws of the skin, Flaws from within Lost and damaged Working hard to repair a mental image. You did not wake up like this You're currently looking in the mirror at a far cry from what it is.
Trained ears, Strong mind. Studied mind, Exercised mouth. Hashtag: Feminist. Hashtag: Liberal. Hashtag: Woman. Twitter, Facebook: Platforms. Say it. Just say it.
To Be A Woman In America means to be scared when you walk down the street means to have to fight twice as hard to get just as much means to have to listen to rape jokes and not start an uprising in the middle of class
1 in 5. 
Long pale faces split with wicked grins, Dark sunken spaces where the eyes should have been. Strong careless hands stealing life from beneath tattered cotton,
Define rape – A four letter word meaning She was asking for it Her skirt was too short And, well, she didn’t say no. Define catcall – A seven letter, slang term describing how men
  when i was little i'd look up at my teacher and say "i wanna be a queen
I guess I'm confused how the term woman translated into bitch, or why I have to constantly reiterate that we're woman not hoes to every dude I'm with. You must've lost your mind when you lost your respect 
I can't find a method to this madness connecting stray dots  and calling them poetic thoughts numb bodies with  teeming eyes We don't deserve this demise! Where is the paradise?  
Why do I need feminism?   Because in a world of hate,  I have to love myself Or no one will   Because I cannot walk down the street at night
He is very mad.
Would if I saidthe chain of commandacross the barron,naked landwas nulled.Stopped by one, to standso high and mighty;Man.Suppose the theoryof God is true
War on Women  
Why Should I be less than thou that did not create me? Because I have honey thighs and a figure but lack certain organs "thee" are not "we"? Nurtured like flowers in a garden we are raised to succeed, but not to over achieve.
I see sparks fly Moon light
Perhaps it belongs to an animal Who squeals for mercy But instead is stunned and skinned But no, it couldn’t be them Because there’s no blood once it’s been rinsed away   Or maybe it’s the young women
Perhaps it belongs to an animal Who squeals for mercy But instead is stunned and skinned But no, it couldn’t be them Because there’s no blood once it’s been rinsed away   Or maybe it’s the young women
You are so smart, They say. So much potential, They say. You'll be great, They say. Just get your test scores up, They say. 32 isn't good enough.  
They teach us to weave our fingers To create intricate patterns in our hair. To adorn the onlooker’s eyes. Creating superficial monsters, Policed by superficial consumers.  
YesAllWomenA hashtag to empower those who feel the victim of a man's world.The revolutonaries pound at the door, demanding entrance to the castle of man.Threatening to storm the fortress and take what is theirs,
Do you want to believe? Do you hear the way she screams as he rips the dress from her pure beautiful skin.
Girl with blue eyes and a horrible past. I never thought I’d see a girl run so fast.
 She wasn’t afraid to show some skin She was an embarrassment even to her kin
 She kissed whoever she pleased
Is it now that you notice? Is it now that you care? They may have cleaned the scene but the tragedy is still there  Embedding its whispers into the ears of the ones who before hadnt cared is it now that you notice?
Why is it that men are better than women? 
My eyes burn fro me the tears that never stop. While my hearts aches from the pain of betrayal. Some days go with out the pain and tears. While some days they are still there.
Left and right I feel offended because in the shadows and undetected are words that pierce and are directed at my womanhood and role that society elected  When I walk near men I feel inspected 
I'm afraid to walk down a streetor into a gas station to pay for my gas.I swing my keys and prepare for a battlejust to go and grab a coffee.The fear that lies within every girl
Someone had to be the good girl, and that someone became me.
I write because of society Because my clothing says more about my consent, than my mouth does Because you're not as pretty if you're a plus Because society tells me not to get raped
As my Brother wash the dishes  i wonder if my mother should be sleeping. My Father told me to cut the grass. i never seen me cut it before.   My Friend Tony said that he does not believe in my family.
I started to think about the sun That hot blazing fire in the sky Destined to bring the earth to her death  Every movement Every heartbeat Every breath Gone
What gives you the right To try and claim my body My body is my own It’s not here for you to  Press and knead Jab and paw at Claw and sink Your fingers into 
Why is it called Feminist when it is in favor of both genders?   it should be called  humanist or equalist.   Are there male feminist? Would they be called Manimist?  
  MY NAME IS LJ   I’m at the grocery store.  I’m out to lunch. I’m at the gym. I’m at work. I’m at a bar. By myself. With my four-year-old cousin. With my friends.
Eyes searching hungrily Viewed as meat and an object Who am I to object? Who am I to say no? I have no say in what is 'right' for me to do I must know my place
Running, swimming, biking, Climbing, fishing, or hiking, I can do it all just as good as you,  and sometimes prove to be better too. You view me as a human being, someone equal to you is what you're seeing.
I longed to see her smile, it made her and I whole once more Her attentive hands caressed the bed sheet violently as if she had been burned by a stove top
I hope one day I’ll breathe in sweet relief Because we women, after fighting tooth And nail for equal rights, have won the war. We women stand with men, no longer small, No longer quiet. Strong with voices loud,
She is beauty, she is grace.
Unwanted babiesUnwanted stressUnwanted expensesUnwanted scars
summer chills, summer pills.
Breath of fog take one last Sight of you I take my last Sound of fire going fast Smell of flesh burning fast Do not look at my eyes I shall take your eyes Whip of hair gone at last
A veil of severed glass envokes memorial of ranging battles, Dusk to Dawn, man to monster. She loves him, she loves him not Painted face, cherry lips, talc powder over truth "Smile for yourself," She said.
I will not be satisfied  until I can leave my home wearing whatever I please whenever I please and not be worried about who I may provoke.    I will not be satisfied until I know
He knocks me onto the floor Tear drops and lightning break out I cry out and run to the door He kicks me and with a shout
I am drunk on you You make my worlds pin Arounbdarond Slurdsp ech tlli passut fAdedc onsciousns ... ... i am hungover on you you said i did it how?
America the great is what they sayWhere my children are shot down every dayWhen all they want to do is playAmerica the great what does this mean?
Oh, mama End me because when you sent me to ground, my lungs caved in I dug my own hole, shovel in hand, but when I looked back at you, mama, you threw me in, and the door slammed shut
Who are you that I let you control me? Who are you to tell me who to be? What I wear, who I talk to, Boy, I thought you knew. I can't be tied down I won't be the prize you carry around town
I know the reason for all the hatred. Cuz I'm an African-American gay chick. Cuz I don't listen rap. I listen to rock. Cuz I want the cheerleader. Never the jock. Cuz I am wearing a sweater
  I was born in lead that’s what I have learned You edited my body, and now it’s my turn. I’ll be my own artist and draw back each line, Each stroke of courage will emerge over time. 
Guns guide your hands and feet Your ignorance you breathe into the frozen air The colors are all the same to me But to you, it is war   Sheltered behind your branches
  A marriage is a bond A bond of agony Like my own Holocaust With my criminal With my inflictor
Teach a girlNo doubt, she is diamond-beautifulInside and out,Because God created herWith a purpose.Break the curse,To crush deadThe tiny mocking voicesIn her head
Uh. Uh. Agency. History. Word. Here we go: United States, United States Tryin' to show the world its pretty face But 'merica's history ain't always a pretty view Open Zinn and Russell and let's review
Beauty is... Stretch marks & attempted suicide Scars, No longer held hostage behind the Bars of this oppressive society Or in your cell, taunted by its ever
My door became a wall. Tall, concrete, permanent. You entered without a key, how? Was my door not locked? Must not have been, only explanation. It’s my fault isn’t it?
I have a dream, That we women don’t have to fear wearing a skirt, Without being yelled at by a jerk. I have a dream, That we women are treated like women not sex slaves.
For example, Blocks. Stacking rings. Mr. Potato Head. (What about Mrs. Potato Head? See what I mean?) Those Little People that come in a family their own house their own car –
This is mine This is my body. Not Yours. Don’t get overwhelmed- Im not asking you to keep score. Just know that this- this is mine.
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