He threw the woman he “loved” against a wall last night.

She needed to defend herself in that fight

His anger was heard through the walls

Her screams apparent as she falls

They scream at each other and fight until someone called the police

They come in racing to keep the peace

He says it's just another argument

Then they, leave and there is silence for the rest of the night.

The next day there is a knock on her door

She tries to hide what happened the night before

She comes out in sunglasses and long sleeves

Cowering in that torn fleece

Looks like he sent her flowers

To apologize for  last night

She accepts them and hides behind those glasses

A round black eye you see as she passes

The bump on her head she got because she was clumsy

Lost her footing because she was a little tipsy

Lies lies and more lies.

She’s still continuing to lie

Then came twilight…..

The next morning it was the same sight … she couldn’t even stand up right

So he sent her flowers today… it’s not a special day

Tomorrow isn’t a special day either

The next morning he gave her flowers

The thing is today’s a special day

She’s here, lying in her coffin

Her eyes blank as they stare up at the sky

The same sky that didn’t move to stop her cries

And so he gave her flowers for the last time.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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