What Makes Great?


America the great is what they say
Where my children are shot down every day
When all they want to do is play
America the great what does this mean?
Where my Latino brothers and sisters they label “illegal” slave in a field being denied the chance to dream
America the great how does it taste? Like genetically modified food, and a lack of love seasoned with hate
America the great how do we smell? Like neglected children, devalued women, dead bodies and gun shells
America the great what do we see?
1% pushing down the majority
America the great, this I must debate
Greatness inspires more greatness.

What is it to be successful and not reach back for your sisters and brothers?

How is it great to be rich in material but poor in love and morals?

To educate the selected few you see fit while throwing the rest into a twisted cycle of poverty, incarceration, deportation, war and death watching to see who can make it out as if it’s a sick game. 
We praise our ancestors who fought for our freedom and celebrate by taking it away from others. We kill our fellow people over small differences, when the things that really matter love, happiness, dreams we all have in common.

I call for all of us to do better. To protect the dreams of MLK, the dreams of Ghandi, the dreams of Nelson Mandela

The dreams of every little boy and girl no matter the color of their skin, the language they speak, the religion they practice or their sexuality.

I ask all of us to protect the dream of each person as if they were your own.

Not just talking NY to Chicago to LA.

But from NY, to Africa, to Asia and Europe, from South America to Australia.

We must again teach and learn to love all, so we can live in peace and our children can dream. We must not give up on our dream.

We cannot accept what is present as our fate.

It is not too late…

…to see America and the world as truly great.



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