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I was born in lead that’s what I have learned

You edited my body, and now it’s my turn.

I’ll be my own artist and draw back each line,

Each stroke of courage will emerge over time. 

It took you one afternoon to erase twenty two years

Over two decades gone and I’m blanketed in fear.

With each penetration my pride leaked out, my dignity was gone, I was unable to shout.

Alcohol on your breath and force in your veins,

Please God get me out, please God keep me sane. 

I prayed to forget every second of that day

My blood stained legs, the bare mattress, each painful lay. 

I stand before you proof that we are born in lead

What may be erased we will soon not forget. 

With each rising sun I will cover your marks

Tattoo my body with my own, and create a new start.

The book of that day is closed and sealed

With a new journey of blank pages

I’m finally ready to heal.   

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The whisper of a survivor illuminates the true imprint rape and domestic violence inflicts. Line by line the whisper forms into a strong voice of resilence, freedom and power.

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