Mother Nature Only Knew (What You Don't Know)

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 23:15 -- mecella


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

Would if I said
the chain of command
across the barron,
naked land
was nulled.
Stopped by one, to stand
so high and mighty;

Suppose the theory
of God is true
And she, Mother Nature
only knew
Of the greatest two;
One was man
But the better was a girl.

How'd you react
if in fact
God herself was a woman?
No penis bearing angry man,
yet an entity with a plan.

How'd you feel, if copper and steel
Were derived from her eyes.
All facts and lies
Came from her demise.
Would man be Surprized?

Man would say such is a lie,
"I hold the key to life and pride"
"Who builds, conquers, rules the world.
No space for a little girl."

Yet man alone would not exist
There is no urban myth
For it, greater of the two
Had been Woman. Who knew.

Creator of ALL life
And by ALL I mean all
Little and small
Tiny or tall
Women created it all.

The building you see across the street
One of her smallest feats.

The life within yourself
Her greatest ability dealt.

Like ants working for the Queen
Who provides all life.

Man, created for her protection
While she provided all life.

Her views were pure,
her smile was true.
She knew exactly what to do.

Yet her master plan,
The Man,
developed his own stand.

Stole from the tree, conquered the land.
All with his left hand.
And power grew.
He learned to write.
And then he made God, Man.

In the end of course, he'll be judged.
Most likely sent to hell.
Women, given a new life
Start over, with a story to tell.


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