A Woman With A Dream


United States
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I have a dream,
That we women don’t have to fear wearing a skirt,
Without being yelled at by a jerk.
I have a dream,
That we women are treated like women not sex slaves.
You see her smiles; what I see are dead graves, all the pessimistic men who touched her pure skin like storm waves.
Build a house, kill a mouse. We can do it too!
With a life in our womb too!
We weren’t made to please you.
God created us second because he convinced himself that he can do better.
We women are trend setters,
You men appear in every news letter,
Convicted of rape, murder, abuse!
Then blame it on the booze.
I refuse to give my heart its one-hundredth bruise.
We’re the beauty of this earth,
We’re the ones, who give birth,
Who would have known such beautiful seeds would vanish into dirt.
Not everyone’s perfect but why intentionally hurt?

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I am terribly effected by the lack of respect on our women.

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