"Male Entitlement"

What gives you the right
To try and claim my body
My body is my own
It’s not here for you to 
Press and knead
Jab and paw at
Claw and sink
Your fingers into 
Taking control over every aspect
Physically and mentally
Mingling your ideas into mine
Attempting to seep your motives in
Until there’s no more fight left in me
Creating a hollow shell of a human
A limp body squashed of its former life
That’s what you want isn’t it
Total control over another person
Learning from a young age
‘Boys will be boys’
Having no consequences for actions
Especially towards issues related to women
Issues ranging from
When any of these issues come up
It’s dealt with responses like
‘Well he had a bad day’
‘It’s not his fault, he’s just mentally unstable’
‘That’s just how men are’
‘All girls should just give some to men so this won’t happen’
‘Women should know that men can’t control themselves’
‘She had it coming’
Funny how
The blame is always 
Shoved onto a woman
Furthering the notion of ‘boys will be boys’
On the future society
That no man has to take responsibility for their actions
Simply because ‘my body tempted you’
I control what I do with my body
I’m not some inanimate object you can buy in a store
To abuse and play with until you get bored
Throwing me into the trash and buying the latest model
Creating an endless cycle
It ends now
I won’t let you get away with your misogynistic bullshit
Allowing yourself the gratification
Of total control of my body
I get to make the decisions involving my body
Because believe it or not
I’m a human with real thoughts and emotions
Who deserves the basic human decency
That men are given on a daily basis
With little effort to prove themselves
To be guaranteed that right
Enabling them to control their own bodies
With zero questions
I’ll do what I please with my body
Whether you like it or not
Until you can process
I am a living creature
Who doesn’t have to answer to you


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