Who am I

Eyes searching hungrily

Viewed as meat and an object

Who am I to object?

Who am I to say no?

I have no say in what is 'right' for me to do

I must know my place

I must work harder for most to be taken seriously

Who am I to complain?

How dare I complain?

Who am I?

I am a woman!

Proud, strong, and not an object

I will tell you what I am not

I am not food to be preyed on by men!

I am not a slut, a whore, and a bitch

Do not judge me by what I wear

Judge me by who I am

Judge me by what I am

Judge me by my personality not if my 'rack is stackin'

Not if my 'booty is poppin'

Judge by my character

Who am I?

I am me,

A woman.


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