I don't say

I saw duke's campaign

just the other day,

and learned alot of reasons

for words we shouldn't say

" I don't say man up

because I don't believe in gender norms"



I'll tell them all to go to hell

when they say you can be anything

because no, you can't,

you can be what we will let you be,

You can only be,

a product of a limited imagination.

" We don't say What are you?

because skin color doesn't define who you are"

Yes it does,

be proud of it,

you're black, white, latino, asian, russian, chinese,

japanese, german, french, hispanic.

Theres more, be proud of you'r skin,

let it define you, not confine you.

You can be a black president, rapper, basketballer, and more

but you can be a white, one too. 

They're is nothing that one person can do, 

or that one person has,

that can't be gotten

with a little hard work, and determination 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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