No More

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 02:14 -- naila

No More staying silent, treading lightly, or walking on egg shells-No more


No More shying away, diming our light, or hiding in the shadows-No More


No More looking the other way, victim-blaming, or intimidation-No More


No More injustice, ignorance, or staying out of it because “it’s not our business”, because “it’s not worth it”, because “I don’t know them”,


Because it is your business, because you could be next, because it’s someone’s life and it could be your daughter or sister or mother or friend.


Because life is too short for all this hatred and ignorance and violence.

Because we claim to be better and civilized

Because what about our children, our future?


Because we should be better, not for the sake of the law or our eternal souls but because we come from women.


Because our women sacrificed for us, fought for us, lived and died for us;


No More Because we owe them our lives.


No More


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