Yes all Women.



If my crossing to the other side of the road upsets your fragile ego

Let me assure you, I am not sorry. 

If you think it is funny to follow me when I am walking home from school

I am not sorry. 

If you are cat calling me from your side of the road. 

If you are calling me a bitch for not responding to your vulgarity

I am not sorry.

I am not sorry because I bought this knife after my 14th birthday

when I decided I needed protection from men

and you're right, not ALL men. 

Not all men feel the need to tell women they are rapists

This is vital information to have when you're glancing at the black shape down the street.

deciding if you should cross now or dial 9-1-1 and keep your finger on the call button until he's passed.

Not all men feel the need to the protect women they see at bars

from the seedy bar tender stuffing $20 in bribes down his apron

or the man $20 poorer, planning out his evening

Not all men feel the need to stop after the first no

or the last no. 

Not all men. Not all men. Not all men.

But enough men. 

If my crossing the street offends you. And you scream across the way "Not all men are rapists" 

I believe you

But those men don't feel to announce that.  


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