Girl with a past

Girl with blue eyes and a horrible past.
I never thought I’d see a girl run so fast.

She wasn’t afraid to show some skin She was an embarrassment even to her kin

She kissed whoever she pleased
And she was very likely labeled a tease

She spoke her mind
Even when it was not kind

Sexual words escaped from her lips.
It doesn’t mean just anyone can grab her hips.

Guys thought she was asking for it.
Parading around like she didn’t give a shit.

Look how she dresses and talks. Man, she even has a slut walk.

Treating her like this became the norm. She was still not willing to change her form.

She was asking for it and everyone agreed.
No matter how much she begged and plead.

Little did they know she was abused.
Till the day that man was accused. 

She did not ask for the kid.
She didn’t ask for anything he did.

She prayed to God to ask for a sign.
But nothing came and that was fine.

She decided to keep the boy because it was right
She raised that kid into a knight

That knight stood up for what was fair
What people thought, he did not care
At the age of eleven
That boy met the girl that was the sign from heaven

The girl wore whatever she wished
Acted as if social norms didn’t exist

Spoke her mind and showed some skin
Everyone avoided her and her kin

She was asking for it everyone said
Until the knight lifted his head

He said hello and she smiled back
She was surprised he didn’t attack

Unlike the other boys he was genuinely sweet
Didn’t want anything more than to sweep this girl off her feet

The girl was astonished by this boy Was this some sort of ploy

he looked into her eyes filled with fright
He saw all she needed was a knight

His mom watched without a clue
Then She finally knew…

That sign she was waiting on for oh so long
Was finally given to her and sounded like a sweet song. 

And… It went like this
The boy stood before a group of boys….
His hands and knees began to shake. But the boy stood tall and did not break. 

Look here boys and do not blink.
The boy said proudly and did not shrink.

A girl can wear a blouse just to look pretty
It’s not for you so don’t get witty.

She can act any way she wants.
It’s not your job to say what she flaunts.
She can walk in heels and raise some hell.
That doesn’t mean she ringing the dinner bell.

So back off dogs, don’t hate her for being tough.
She is being herself and if you don’t like it then that’s just rough.

My mom taught me a thing or two
I’m a gentleman, you should try it too.”
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