My body's Mother Nature

My thighs expand the length of continents
But the breasts I was given cannot be confused with mountains
My hazel eyes ooze the color of a muddy emerald sea
But the pores on my face are often compared to broad craters
My lips are associated with the tint of peaches
But the folds of my stomach are described as oozing lava
My hair strands extend to cover the distance of Caribbean islands
But the enormous feet I was born with are the cause of tsunamis
My nails are as unbreakable as the bones of the dinosaurs found in the ground
But the elbows that bend my arms are as dry as the Sahara
My calves stretch to trek the expanses of forests
But the gaunt ankles on me are as frail as the land that breaks off in mudslides
My belly ring accentuates my body the way clear oceanic waters attract attention for marine life
But the nimble fingers on my hand take on the coolness of the tundra
My miniscule nose is skilled enough to smell the vegetation on plateaus
But the ears provided for me are so gargantuan that they are capable of forming tornadoes
My eyebrows are as pale as the New England snow
But the forehead that is overflowing with acne scars is ceaseless like the water rushing from a waterfall
My mind is the Great Barrier Reef, always absorbing and filtering
But the butt cheeks on my body are representative of glaciers that dwindle in size
However, my body is what I want it to be. I am it’s Mother Nature. If I want it to appear fit and toned enough to make men sweat and reminisce about the heat of Miami, then I shall. If I want it to be seen in a bikini and make women cry with envy and create new rivers, then I shall. If I want to cover it with layers of clothing and make the elderly produce new canyons with their worry, then I shall. Gender, sex, age, ethnicity and/or race do not dictate my decisions. I am flawless because I am what I want to be.

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