What makes a woman a woman?

There's something I want to start with, that any objections to women being unable to have power because of womanly issues is a myth, I know there are plenty of strong women, and I know because of you my friend. Women have been criticized by the misogynistic for too long, not knowing that they are so wrong, for years women have been treated like sex objects, shown disrespect, only known fit a beautiful face, curves and breast. But we knew their potential from these credentials. You're fascinating, intellect and interesting. You're the highest, brightest, loveliest, and earnest. You're reliable, willing, able, blissful, and wonderful. Why is it that in this world, mostly men are chairmen, when women out number us one to eleven? Ladies, you're so much stronger than you realize, I can see my own two eyes. You win awards, fertilize, beautify, and strongly emphasize. This poem is meant to be an inspiration to going women, from a young man, who writes this because he knows you can


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