Trigger Warning: subject refers to sexual assault and other abuse, and the topic may be triggering for some people.



The words “should have” carry weight

of opportunities missed and mistakes made.

Things I might have done instead,

to prevent the

dark events.

The misconception that

I need to make sure these,




do not happen to me again.

Like it was my choice.


You should have been on guard

Don’t look desperate

You should have acted differently

Don’t call attention

You should have said something

Don’t make him angry


But the truth is,

the words “should have” bear no weight on

my shoulders.

These were not choices or mistakes

I made.

There's nothing I could have done instead.

It was not and has never been

my responsibility.


It's not me.


It's not.




There is no flaw in who I am

that caused these


sexual harassment,

emotional abuse,

or rapes.


I am fault-less.


I'm a survivor.


I am flawless.

This poem is about: 
Our world



I love this. I to was secually assaulted. This is a brave topic to talk about. Thank you :)

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