Gemini Woman by Elaina Dawson

   Gemini woman is that you?..

Over there with your beautiful Fierce stare 

well listen here my beautiful little zodiac queen .

I want to know if it’s true?..

Is it true that your the one with the twin ?

Are you the one who is a gift of fresh air ?

If so teach me your ways Gemini woman

You twinkle like Bulgarian pearls

Your wittiness is a delight

Your communication takes off into a third realm

Oh Gemini woman please tell me your secret 

How do you glow with passion and love

when so much negativity floats around ?

Gemini Woman you change without Changing 

Your born into so many different Skins around the world 

You have thousands of sons and daughters 

quick and versatile just like you 

Come bless me under the sun

Gemini woman


This poem is about: 
Our world


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