To be heard

Why is it that men are better than women? 
I am a woman. 
I was born as a female.
I had no choice in the matter. 

A man was born as a male. 
He had no choice in the matter. 
So why is it that his opinions are more prominent than mine? 
Why is it that I am “emotional” and my thoughts should be taken as such, and thus, discounted? 

Why is it that a woman needs to dress and act a distinct way to be respected by others 
yet men are innately deserving of respect?
Why is it that a woman’s physical appearance determines how she is treated?
Why is it that a woman’s ability to please a man (physically, visually) determines her worth?

Why is it that if a woman is raped she is asked what she was wearing or doing to incite the incident?
Why was an incident incited?
Why did a man not commit an act of violence upon a woman?

When was it decided that the way a woman dresses determines the parameters of her safety?
When did it become a woman’s job to best accommodate men?
When was it decided that men are successful and women have stories of success?
When did women become objects?


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