Speechless Melody


Your lips don’t have to move— your screams don’t make a sound.
But I can hear you loud and clear.
The silence of the gasps you breathe are roars in my memories.
I don’t want to hear you scream – that’s not a whisper to me.
My ears cannot bear such a chant; I will not give in to your clamor.
Your words are precious dollars you’ve spent
And you have spoken yourself poor.
Silence is a virtue and your opinion makes me ill.
When you are wrong you think your right.
I’m sorry but this is how I feel.
I cannot be controlled & I will never be told what to do.
If there is one thing you’ll learn about me,
It’s that I am the conductor of my very own tune.
I play by my own rules
But listen and you’ll see— my notes respect your own.
Just listen to my tune. I hear you when you speak,
Though you are repeating the same thing.
My melody is open-minded, but you are deaf by province.
I love you; but I hate you just as much.
That isn’t fair to me: I deserve to be loved. I deserve to be trusted.
And if you cannot give that to me…
Your lips will move but I won’t hear a thing.
Because I am not a speechless melody, 
listen to my tune.


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