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Have been running in circles, trying to greet every truth with smile; Couldn't change the past, but I can't seem to fit in this future of mine.
She has arrived, she’s beautiful, scarred, humbled, and wise. Most of all this woman is alive. She walks with a hint of pride, but not too proud to admit her missteps. Mistakes and lessons dance in harmony a 2-step.
Make it stop. The rasping of my heart. The uneven breathing that manages to escape. I don’t like the dark. As the rain slips from the roof, a soft pitter-patter. I reach out my hand—emptiness, is that you?
Fearing death is like fearing a sneeze After it’s over, people will turn their heads Some will say bless you Even those who never knew you
No additional text           and none is needed
During the fall, the sunsets begin with deep orange and end with dark blue. You. Today my grandma couldn’t stop crying because she said it was hard to breathe. Cancer. God works in mysterious ways.
If the truth is coming outThen I’ll always love youHow could I run away from youWith your eyes like diamondsAnd how could I stay with youWith your voice as gentle as a chainsawYou pulled me in
Never be afraid to turn away from the past.Never be afraid to burn the bridges.Some people can only grow once their roots are nothing but ashes.Like a pine sapling after a raging wildfire.
We are still the children painting pictures to hang on the fridge, but now it's too late to start over. Too late to pick a different color. Every stroke is a different future and every drop a different reality.
I am a man. I’m sure my reputation proceeds me I know just how you’ll perceive me But I’m begging please believe me Please open your eyes and see me   I am a human
I am crawling and falling and calling I need you to hear me, come near me, don’t fear me while you flee, watch me bleed, please don’t leave cause I’m flying and I’m crying, but I’m dying
Life is like a car without brakes Except on fire and filled up with snakes It frantically flies, as if scraping the skies And will probably end up in a lake   But life has a deadline in mind
    I'm not ashamed to admit I am an overly romantic Because if I feel, I know I exist,I live, I'm alive!   I do not go unnoticed
It’s a tragedy for those of us who stay the same When time tries to heal, but we stand against the winds of change Because you resist, you’ll make the same mistakes Those are the choices of us living not in love but hate
Brightness, Five leaps of electricity  Bringing darkness into the light Giving sight unto the blind   Banishing shadows into the oblivion  No questions asked Not a statement more 
I always knew my aunt was a fighter  Since she was a little girl she had been fighting for her life, suffering in health, but exceeding in everything else
I am here, I am alive These words I chant in my head, A mantra, a banner, As I lay down to bed. I am here, I swear, I am not the ghost I appear, I am alive I say, And I don't want to fade away.
Poetry Written As Performed.   I am 1 in 4. Not 1 in 4 to rebel against my parents and dye my hair a crazy color.
These verses are for you and me For our eyes to see Light where there was darkness And love where there was fear   They left scars Deeper than any gun wound A bitter taste in my soul
Swallow these pills you’ll feel better Prozac, zoloft, seroquel, hydroxyzine, pills pills pills Take it, swallow it with your saliva and let it dissolve in your stomach acid
Eyes open I can feel but not see, What is this pain overwhelming me? Am I alive, Can I breathe?   You see not long ago it was you and me, You and I, He and she there- I was alive, I could breathe.
How are you feeling? Alive. Alive? Not the exciting breath of living life to the fullest alive,  but the complete and infinite lack of any feeling left alive.
I am thankful for the breath in my lungs. The fact that I am alive. I have lived 17 years and still have many left.  I am thankful that I am still living...that the suicide attempts were failures. 
life when I was little, I use to curl my hair every morning & put fake flowers in my hair because that was the only beauty I saw in myself.
Moonlight drips from the pores of the sky and shines light upon green gardens and barred fences. The grey tint shows indifference on faces and in
le rêve et l'amour my dreams and my heart are flying free from the dark hope springs forth from an untapped well I see the light permeating  my cells   the world's noise
I am confused and loosing focus  The stress of daily life engulfs  I look out the massive clear window to my left  I see a couple jogging side by side, laughing That is when idea strikes! 
Every morning I wake at 4 AM. I wake at 4 AM and I am ready to be free. I am alone, walking the streets of darkness and wonder,  enjoying my time for me. I realize that this is who I am, the girl who wanders
With heavy feet, I treadForcing myself to my bedI lay on my backBreath in and outAttempting not to focus on what I lack
written 08/09/16 So much disappointment, So much hate, So much lies, So many things that I'm afraid.   I seek to punish, I seek to find pain,  I seek to feel alive,
This agonizing silence, This terrifying darkness, The ignorance, the pain they give me, The way they show their emotions to me, The hate and disgust on their faces, Take this pain away,
Life has us all under a leash. We don't notice we're going under one simple routine. Everyone has one unstoppable destination. How long we last until we reach that destination? It's only known based on our determination.
It seemed logical at the time. But now I stare at the scars, Demonized by those around me. To them each one is ugly, To them each one is alienating. To them each one is my insanity.  
School, eat, sleep, repeat “Mommy, can I go and play with Jenna?” “No, you must study and never cheat.”   School, eat, sleep, repeat “Mother, can I have a cookie?”
I've shed so many tears, I have no more, And all that is left is a shell. A shell of a girl that I used to know, The girl that I still show. But no one knows what happens,
Black, I am Black We are women We are recognized The pain is gone God helped us regain our confidence and strength We faced our daily struggles
         Spirit will ……never vanish.  The darkest hour…upon the isle's stage. No, I simply cannot let it be so for me ever.   On a desolate isle, I refuse to back down.      Standing before the Lord of Flies.
My mind filled with memories repressed, swirling with feelings of nothingness. Lack of self expression leaves one depressed, the one thing I need is feelings of aliveness.    
I smiled at him from across the cafeteria and then the gym, and he smiled back. Tall, dark, and handsome, but I knew that was not all.
It is my conscious will My want to always till A world that never stays still. It is my conscious awareness  My life I impress On a world ravaged with tests. It is my conscious emotion
Wreckage of my life Remains through time Ever crumbling Touching my mind. Caught in my head Hell in the words unsaid Eternaly burning for Dead and broken dreams.  
If I could choose one singular thing To draw back the loneliness, boredom, and pain Of living away from all I know On a deserted island so far from home,  
I don't remember Most of the dream. Just that you Were in it. Alive.   I think I met Your parents? Your brothers?   I don't remember Most of the dream.
In this world of grief and strife, I carry with me, my one true companion. This companion is indifference. I walk through with him, Never unhappy Never unsure
In this world of grief and strife, I carry with me, my one true companion. This companion is indifference. I walk through with him, Never unhappy Never unsure
Listen Open your ears and listen Really listen Can you hear it? The ocean An airplane Wind in the trees A fly A bee Open year ears and listen I can hear it
ALIVE You breathe me in and out So you think you are alive?                              Asks air
We are all born We all live and We all die And get judged By our deeds   And so Why can’t We live life unique?   By dreaming different And playing with life
Living through life with painful emotion,
Today is the day I realized I was one day going to die It makes me think of how I’ve spent 5840 days of my life Every second I cherish is every second i let fade away Because a second only lasts for 0.006% of your day
The faceless-ageless friends didn't find her hiding. 
I am  The one who became all she said she never would.    I am
Fully Alive   It's when a quart mason jar is filled to the brim, with black coffee and
Some say life is a constant, ever flowing Though we rarely, if ever, know where it's going. Others say only death is immortal
A cumbersome, catatonic existence can burn at my handsand I'll keep the torch with me, an old friend caught between young palms,ash and emotion make me stand:
I have a big Green house on a hill and it’s Giant and clean And full of space and I Can’t wait To get it filled up with things that Portray my New life with my husband.  
He is risen
Without the filters who am I? Without the filters will I die?   Millions persuaded to become something they're not, only to find that out that what's inside....has changed a lot.  
People, in life, learn to see Themselves just as titles--
I am flawless because I am One of God's beautiful creations Not because I am man-made, A photoshop modification I am stubborn, And sure, I may cry my eyes red But I'm flawless because I'm here,
I am of flesh I breath sin I keep to myself what lies within   But do express And I'll give you notice When storms draw near I feel their closeness   Love one love all
I’ve awoken in a crowded place Too tired to even recognize a single face How could something be so great,
Awakened Alive, to see a new day The breeze can carry my dreams far, far Believing in what can be through the thundering rains Alive, beaming and reaching  Awakened! 
She is, in essence, all things. She is the universe embodied, and every tiny speck of dust within it. In her infiniteness, she draws all who meet her in and gives them a piece of her.
Long walks on the beach Looking into your eyes 
in his dreams she’s exposed
I am cosmic dust. I am a raging storm of gentle emotion. My spirit is a wind that blows unobstructively. I'm stronger than the words thrown into the voltage of my mind. My heart still beats. I am alive.
Dear Mom and Dad, I have something to tell you.
  Sweat beading on my forehead  Words beating in my heart  This nemesis paralysis  Is taking back this part  So give me no more answers 
a faint breeze against my skin makes me remember what I love most about life itself. Simplicity is what makes me content the warmth of the Sun as it beems down on my cheeks making them glow with energy, I smile.
I never understood
    Oct 5 2014   The sun is sitting on the crown of the trees just due east. Reaching her arms through its leaves,   Holding it. Like a mother hugs her child.  
Rising to the glow of your brightness
Two cartoony tigers, Friends for life, Who live in a house That bounces all night. Two giants, Father and son. One smart, One dumb, One is mean, One is bullied. A pine tree,
It comes again, it comes again
Him Something about him His laugh, his smile, something that's him This isn't like me
Only my echo responds. "Oh," it says. "Anything else?" I stop.  I did not expect a question in return. "No.  I just wanted to be heard." "Oh.  Well, I heard you."
One of my old poems:   Sometimes I feel like a puppet, Pulled along in another's hands Obeying the orders to do this or do that My every rebellion already orchestrated
She was talked about; bullied to the mind
I want to go home So from my heart I write this poem My feelings are becoming stronger But my heart is growing weaker As the days grow longer And my head comes down with fever
Her small hand touches the moist fabric of my shirt, wrapping her arm around me as if she forgot how to comfort me. I don't blame her. She's right. We don't know each other anymore
Crystal rose, You reflect light so beautifully, But how does it feel to have petals of stone and not of felt? To hold no fragrance, To not sway melodically in the winds’ breeze, To only be a sturdy copy?
Couldn't sleep, my eyes restless as my mind whirs in frustration. Why? Why? You left me and have let me go, but I still can't grasp reality.
I have zero desire to do anything constructive;
Ah the land of the free, the brave, The tolerant Tolerant of cheating and divorce, of lies and scandals,   Of murder Murder of those who can not defend themselves Who have not yet had a chance
OutsideThe entirety of my resolve runs with the river of tears thatTrickle, thenAfter a brief moment of suspenseBreak free, carvingCruel lines down my ravaged cheeks, a howling flood letLoose. My eyes are
When asked what I want to be 20 years from now
Little blossom waiting to bloom, yearning for love. A tiny piece of a gargantuan-sized tree, important part of a greater whole. Although unborn it's our secret saviour....  
Madness Is My Only Cure, Sanity Is What People Tell Me Is Pure,
I feel tears trying to come out of my eyes
I am Dead I have died Yet who am I to say what dying really is. Who am I as a single being of flesh, blood, bones, veins and skin to say what any one thing is.
It takes pain to know that you're alive,    That your heart is beating.    That your skin is feeling.    That your lungs are breathing.   It takes passion to know that you have the drive,
What is life on the way
Inspiration is a way of telling our sorry tales of when we lost hope and gained it back. A way to show everyone and everything that there was a day the pain resided and was left to hang in the air.
You don't own me.. My past is dead. It holds no meaning What happened happened. I need to be free of it; I need to believe in feelings that are true, That are beautiful, that are real. 
  Happiness is but a myth of life,   A satire of it's own design.
I began as an idea. Something someone thought up, Creative   I am a reality. A person who breathes, Alive.   I am a skeptic. Make me believe what I see, Imaginary.  
Instantaneous instinct in the shadows of My yesterday; the nostalgic scent sickens me. What used to plunge my soul in hypnosis Is now a long-lost, hurtful memory, A reflection in which I've built immunity
Between what makes a snowflakeItself and a species is a recklessness(and something deeper) that only a soulcan know; I wonder how many? How many sparks(between the lines)
Blue Skies Blue goodbyes But don't fret we've still got plenty yet we'll throw  a plane and fly a ball Now lets all ride the Hopisticall He's blue and red and furry all over
  Simply Twenty-Six Letters
I walk through the empty room, cold and scared.  It is dark in the room, but not the door.  Underneath it shines a light that is glared. Its brightness is something not to ignore.
Do not use your words as knives.There are too many people with open wounds,Self inflicted lacerations,Bleeding freely.
living, breathing- Screaming Out. silent......quiet beating Loud.   the questions Whirling the Self Doubts, the eyes once blinded;         opening now..  
I can see, but I am blind. I can hear, though I am deaf. I can speak, yet I am mute. I find myself wandering, like a spirit, Walking the same path over. I cannot tell if a dream has taken me
Sad life with no meaning Not a word fell from her lips All that was heard were the scribbles “Who was she again?” Murmurs crowed and wondered Not one had heard a thought Fall from her thin lips
When I write, It's what I feel.  Life's a lie? No, not when I write,  All the things they just feel so real.  For once in my life, everything is just so right. The power's on, and I'm alive. 
Why do I write?
  I can talk a lot, Now. But it was poetry that taught me how. Before my sentences were jumbled up phrases only I could understand, With with minimal explaining.
      Poetry and Me By Colleen Preston   Poetry and me Just simply came to be.   Like wind beneath my wings,
Worship without focusIs simply a blissful ruckusI can stand before the throne of GodEyes glazed over, I stand a fraudHe will not allow me to stand like this longHe desires my whole, for me to sing HIS song
The daedal dreamer danced around divas Dallying with dangerous daredevils Yet at dawn her daringness drove out depressingly Its a dead end, she decays over the defeat Deeply dependent on her dear Danny
Poetry  It is simple, but complicated  It gives you the oppurtunity to be heard, but never seen  Poetry allows you to express your emotions, and to relate to others sharing those same emotions 
The sky is alive Clouds slowly dancing by me birds and bee's wisping by  without a single sound leafs of all colors  red, yellow, green and brown The sky is alive the sun getting ready for bed
Sometimes without pencil and white space I think my mind would go dizzy with thought, too much heart all cluttered in space ambiguity-- my mind would burst in the mix nowhere to go
"Youre suppose to be strong."   Im 17 and Im suppose to hold everything inside, because its not time to let go. My fathers dying of cancer. Todays his 5th week in the hospital. How do you expect me to hold everything without letting go.
She shivered with anticipation As she impatiently stood alert Expecting the piercing sound of the gun. But, no matter how soon she thought it was going to go off, She was always surprised
All people purpose designed by God Where he created us a perfect plan Our divine shepherd guides which path to trod When you are feeling low look to the man Gods love perfected never failed me yet
I woke up today Then woke up Then woke up and saw a light so bright it blinded A light So bright it burned So bright it melted my eyes a little So that their essence pooled and fell
My ship sets sail, it sails out to the sea I am the captain, so the captain I shall be I command no orders, my ship sails like I breath The water so perfect, a ship just like mine sails in the reflection I see
He says, “We can’t afford it.” Please don’t listen to him. They say I’m just a piece of tissue, But I am living and breathing within. You will make a life changing choice, If only you can hear my voice.
I, the born, originated in an abyss, encased in vague darkness; inaudible; interminable.
I loved you. I still do. Did you feel me, When I moved within you? When I kicked and twitched my tiny feet, Flexed my small fingers, To the sounds of your heartbeat.
A life is a life No matter the size No matter the age Abortions are legal They happen everyday A man kidnaps women Impregnates them Kills her unborn babies It's considered murder
The idea of being awake... Truly and spiritually awakened from the earthly slumber life puts us in. The dim and dreary box that society puts us in. While in reality we can change the world if only we could awaken.
To end a life so early and so soon, Does it seem right to offer such a way? Life is still life in the morning before noon. We chase the means as if it were a coon, To have the right legally--we say--
Alive I am Alive yes I am Alive My bones tingle with the energy of life itself The energy of life surrounds me it protects me it cradles me, guides me guidance
...restless days fold into restless nights... I reset my mind to unwind. counting sheep seldom works for me. recalling our memories, my personal bedtime lullabies, Forever seems to do the trick.
It's not where your from- It's where your life's at.... I lived by this saying, but my past always brought me back! Years ago when I was 18 I fell for a guy who told me he 'loved me'.
Living in confusion? I know who I like. She, her. She, her. Keeping to myself. I am judged by the judged, I am strangled by religion. Beat me up and break me down. I am still alive.
As the clouds get bigger and darker I feel my heart starting to beat faster The thundering makes the whole world shake I wish these walls would just break Let the rain in; let it fall down on my cheek…
Almost A doctor, A lawyer, A wife She could've been there, If she had only survived. If her silent voice had been heard while asleep in womb, She may not have died far too soon.
Awake, alive, running to have a chase; Dim forest peels back branches binding light Allowing shadows lurch across my face As the feet reach to more ground for my flight
I am alive.
who is we where does this we reside is it the same place as where we’ve come from have we progressed at all or is here to comfortable are the chains to comfortable what if harriet tubman was afraid of the dark
Why waste away your heart and lose your soul? Everyday brings a chance to convey, Renewed meaning of life, Revived displays of beauty, And vibrant essence of bright futures.
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