My factory

The shimmer of a sparkle that glitters in the night

its presents lasting more than what you wished for

and when you see it flicker out, you wish for more to come

it helps you see what matters most in life


the colors that may blind you or may make things crystal clear

whichever you choose could be your seal

and if you understand what’s deep inside you, you'll know how

thats your decision that you'll make sometime


but take a breathe, calm your nerves, and clear you frazzled mind

cant think if your head is crowded so

lets make a pact, and we’ll both act

on what we both believe in, as long as you know yours is fully true


we’ll take what we know and make it something new


kindly lay your heart aside, don’t push it too far

give yourself some space to guide, a path, so clear the road

and soon you'll find, on the other side, a place to grow and fear

and that is when you'll know that you're finally here


step aside, dont rewind, keep moving onward, dear

and soon enough, if you be tough, you’ll whisper soft and clear

and know that what you have inside, is more that meets the eye

so honey if you show yourself, you'll know that you’re alive

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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