Eyes open I can feel but not see,

What is this pain overwhelming me?

Am I alive, Can I breathe?


You see not long ago it was you and me,

You and I, He and she there-

I was alive, I could breathe.


Eyes are heavy slowly closing,

"Stay with me, stay with me" fading.

I'm not alive, I can't breathe


Terror overcomes, suffocation could it be?

"In and out five times, shes lucky to survive."

I now know what has happened to me.


Nurses screaming, Doctors yelling,

Please dont tell my mom,

My heart is failing.


Here I lay on this cold flat bed,

The silence takes over as the pain leaves my legs.

Warmth fills my hand complimenting the kiss on my head.


Surely not this cant be,

You mean t-

I'm alive, I can breathe.

This poem is about: 
My family



BTW: this was my very firs poem.

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