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I am alive.

I slept in darkness, trapped in flesh,
Yet safety lay within the womb.
For there I sought my nourishment,
To grow until my prison's rent,
But danger lurked there, as of yet,
I must escape it, this my doom.

For, I am alive.

I slept alone, none else could know,
Of my secret thought and will.
I trusted all to the only one,
Who could carry me 'til my journey was done,
For I could not eat, or speak, or run.
I could not live as others live, but still...

I was alive.

You placed a hand upon my home,
And felt my swiftly beating heart!
Counted my fingers, counted my toes,
Perfect in form, as God well knows,
Yet a violence in your soul arose,
And you wished to tear my limbs apart.

And yet, I still survive:
I am alive.


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