School, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

School, eat, sleep, repeat

“Mommy, can I go and play with Jenna?”

“No, you must study and never cheat.”


School, eat, sleep, repeat

“Mother, can I have a cookie?”

“No, whole grains are what you need and wheat.”


School, eat, sleep, repeat

“Mom, can I go to the movies?”

“No, off to bed. Good rest is the real treat.”


Why is mom so strict?

How can I have a normal life when I am in the house all the time?

I know she wants the best for me, but man am I ticked!


That’s it, no more!

Down the tree I climb,

My life should not be chore

I want to be as spontaneous as an enzyme!


With the coast clear, I plop right down on the fresh dirt,

There goes my pen, engaged in turbulent flight,

I am no longer numb, but intensely alert,


School, eat, sleep, WRITE….




This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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