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when I was little, I use to curl my hair every morning & put fake flowers in my hair because that was the only beauty I saw in myself.

 I use to pronounce "hamburger" like "hangaber" and always asked my mom why boys climb like monkeys at recess.

 I use to see myself as someone who is just there's not one who was really appreciated anymore than a simple "hello".

but as I grew up and experienced things & situations in my life- I saw life like the glass half full.

I looked for the beauty in between the mess, because we are all a mess grasping for someone to reach their hand out across the creek waiting for you to grab it & jump to them.

so before you move on with life, learn to appreciate it.

this is the life YOU get to live & no one else.

see life as more of half full not empty striving for happiness.

because happiness is reaching at the bottom of the sonic bag & enjoying the free mint more than the actual meal you paid for, or listening to a song that reminds you of a moment in your life that makes you smile even bigger the more you think about it.

life is short, so I hope you go to bed  at the end of each day with a smile that goes to your ears & you're stomach all giddily with a million little butterflies even when at the same time you see yourself more broken than a shattered China plate on the dinning room floor.

because i hope you know it's okay  to he broken like a glass cup thrown across a wall. because life is the unappreciated version of your favorite slow dance where your small feet stand on top of your dads on the kitchen floor keeping secret from mom because it's past your bed time.

the version of your flash back to the first day of 3rd grade & sweaty hands as you hold hands with someone you didn't know you could ever care about this much for....

life is unappreciated and certainly not overrated. because at the end, life should be with awful curled hair and real flowers from your favorite tree but knowing why boys climb like monkeys because you realize that they enjoy & appreciate life, just like you should do because life is too short for the goodbyes and more for the hellos.

but first,you have to live and feel the feelings like your driving with the windows down on a bright day after a dark one. feeling you should feel that makes you sing so loud in the car you can't even hear yourself.

life shouldn't feel numb.

it should make you feel alive.

so, see the beauty of life & live.

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