He Is Alive

He is risen
He is alive
Want to tell the world
About his sacrifice

The love he shed
Poured out on us
He could’ve fled
But he loved us too much

He died for failures
Rebellious wrecks
To take the sin in us
And replace it with freedom checks

The words of his teaching
So powerful and good
Are further reaching
Than anything ever could

This world is shaking
His voice is heard
When his people awaken
In this damned world

The Mountains tremble
The dead are raised
His spirit won’t stumble
When his name is proclaimed

So wake up sleeper
Rise from the dead
Let your faith grow steeper
You were made for more than that

Away with doubt
Worry and fear
If you struggle with thought
He’ll always be there to steer

His spirit is alive
And when he comes again
There won't be a compromise
For people filled with sin

He died for us
To make us clean
From the bondage of sin
That only he could break free

A perfect life
He didn't come to stay
But make the perfect sacrifice
That none can repay

He is risen
He is alive
Now tell the world
about his sacrifice

What he said
What he has done
Until the day
He’s going to come

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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