When A Ship Sets Sail

My ship sets sail, it sails out to the sea
I am the captain, so the captain I shall be
I command no orders, my ship sails like I breath
The water so perfect, a ship just like mine sails in the reflection I see
The moon lights our way, a threatening storm quickens our pace
The moment of perfection is here to stay
Darkness surrounds us but color I still see
The colors are engraved in my memory
The water mirrors every detail in the sky
We sail through stars, this voyage is divine
The waves could tower over our sails, we will stand strong, this ship will prevail
Clouds could scatter through the sky and we'd still have a starry night
Just because the moon may not shine through, it's still there, that has been proved
We sail all night, further out we go
Our destination may not even be close
But that's okay this life is a dream
An unseen dream that means everything to me
This place my ship is meant to go, is so far away but so very close
There's no coordinates, directions, or promise of existence but I am the captain, I will continue to sail
I will sail until this voyage is unveiled
I am the captain, this ship is a part of me
I sail with God, I want him to see, how the Sea creates beliefs
This night I describe, could never be relived
Every moment here brings me closer to the perfect end


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