Me & Free

Every morning I wake at 4 AM.

I wake at 4 AM and I am ready to be free.

I am alone, walking the streets of darkness and wonder, 

enjoying my time for me.

I realize that this is who I am, the girl who wanders

The girl who simply arrives and conquers,

weaving through impossible streets and abandoned buildings,

singing and dancing along. 

I am alone, yet I feel a certain spirit, 

something of passion and love and fire. 

I feel it burning in my soul and I know;

I know that this is me. 

This is my spirit, finally free.

I am me. I am free. 

I am that fiery passion skipping in the weeds, 

I am that beautiful melody hanging in the trees above, 

I am the love the street cats desire. 

Most importantly, I am not alone. 

It is not me against the world, but rather

me and the world against all.

Everday I wake at 4 AM. 

So that I can be free, 

so I can be me...

me and the world against all.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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