Pitch black


Five leaps of electricity 

Bringing darkness into the light

Giving sight unto the blind


Banishing shadows into the oblivion 

No questions asked

Not a statement more 

Cotton candy dust particles coat the luminous flares







Flip a switch


Judgment can only be brought forth by the single touch of your hand

The smell, the smell is noted but unknown 

Shadows engulf the eyes

Creatures that are not allowed in mere daylight escape into the night


Nothing to judge.

The most beautiful things are not meant to be seen

They are not meant to be misspoken of

Undeserving of the hooded eyes that bathe them in sorrow,

Regret, mistrust, abandonment 


The light switch, 

The chandler in the kitchen.

Twisting the perspective of life.

Bringing the stereotype to its knees, depending on where the persons eyes wonder.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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