These Thoughts Of Mine

Madness Is My Only Cure,

Sanity Is What People Tell Me Is Pure,

Darkness Surrounds Me,

I Can Hear The Screams,

Of The Hopeless, The Lost, The One's That Doubted Me.

I Am Determined To Make My Name Known, Yet,

For I Am The Night, Forever Alone.

Darkness is My Key, For They Say I Am The Definition Of Insanity.

For When I Rise, You Will Feel My Might, And Maybe, Just One Day, I'll See The Light.

I Am The Underdog, The One From Beneath, And My Weapon Are My Words, Like A Sword In A Sheath. 

When I Write, I Do It To A Steady Beat, Something That Does Not Let Me Accept Defeat,

It's In My Soul, Like A Car On Cruise Control,

Steering My Fate, Maybe, Just Hopefully, Leading Me To My Fate.

For Once In My Life, I Feel Like A Warrior,

Fighting For Whats Right, But At The Same Time, 

feeling as I Might Loose This Fight.

These Thoughts Of Mine, 

Are Sick And Twisted,

You May Think I Belong With The Wicked




MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem shows your growth

tell your story the way you know how

never let anyone tell your own story for you

your ideas continue to cultivate

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