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Kindness matters to me Kindness matters to you Kindness matters to us Compassion, Inclusion It will change the world!  
People think of beauty as looks,  which will always be temporary.   You see her from the outer view and say she is beautiful looks-wise, which she is, but you do not see the beautiful side of her that I do.
Say your words. Say your words. But speak to me and not you. Say your words. Say your words.  But speak to not diffuse. Say your words. Say your words. But speak with love and truth.
                                                              At my prime time I surely rhyme I write countless sonnets Like numerous poets
(I wrote this for My daughter Khadija on her birthday)
Are you desperate to be right all of the time?How much better at day's end to be found kind!.....Mark Toney © 2020.4/18/2020 - Poetry form: Couplet.
Summer means no shoes 95% of the time. Having popsicles at least 2 times a day. It's so dark that you won’t even recognize yourself pale. Staying up so late that you have to wait only another half hour until sunrise.
...I Am the stone of Kindness dropped into the sea of Humanity creating an Eternal ripple effect of Good Vibes and Love. #MissionStatement
Dear departed soul Everyone's heart you stole With all those loving traits Can't find your replicate Penning down your quality Trying to describe your personality Dear Departed soul
Words can be a blessing Or they can be a curse They can make your day the best Or make is seem the worst They can bring you joy But also bring you sorrow So be careful what you say,
Longing for human comfort Life loses all meaning A yearning so strong
WHEREAS, the accenting mist kiss the skies as the sun warms the snow-capped rise I love you; and
Bringing you home Talcum powder delight Our first bath
I love you!   Heard around the world, those three words mean so much
  I knew he was special He was tame unlike the others   He walked apart Always lost in fantasy     His eyes the color of caterpillars His shirt wrinkled  
" Paradigm Shift" is what they have named it- this period, so frightening- with all its devastation. But as with every change- ( transitionings' upheaval) there is still growth
You know, I don't want to have any anger in this world. I want to be kinder to all people, Because there is a lot of evil in this world.  There are more evil people than good people who are getting smaller and smaller.
You came just as the curtains were closing When everyone left  And it was just me alone with the darkness That's clawed hands started reaching down my throat
We've all seen the footage, those grainy, black and white scenes in documentaries, the news and watched depictions in war movies; POWS marching, Jews herded to the camps, endless lines
I was told to tie my laces,  And keep my glasses on.  That I needed to stay their paces,  Or end up mowing lawns.    "Be the best now so you'll be the best then!"  Always seemed to be my anthem. 
I see the grin, a gift to me. It quiets my inner demons. Shattering battle of light and dark. The simple gift is all I need to take another breath.
She wakes up every morning To a brand new day. She is aware of every warning, Yet she still has a smiling face. Here peers all around her See the worst through the best,  But she deters
You let your mind fall apart as your kindness labels you a nutjob. “You sit with her at a table all alone because you feel pity for her.”
Buildings of blue Reflecting the sunlight, Like brothers and sisters Competing in height.   Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, A variety of cuisines. The CN Tower and Rogers Centre stadium.
Seeing weary, sad, hearing weepy, mad touching wrinkled, old, feeling present, bold. Hoping I helped in some small way Make a difference in  someone's day.  
The feeling of laughter  Of the great shining sun While the wind dances And nature’s song touches my ears I find myself inspired 
Kindness from strangers,  shows strength in humanity,bringing joy to all.    
In my dreams I am an eagle- I soar through the sky My wing’s edges catch the cloud’s edges Water collects on my feathers And the world stares up
i believe in Jesus Christ:my savior, best friend, and greastest love i believe i am createdtherefore one of a kind and beautiful i believe i am a child of the one true King
You’ve heard it before, “I feel so empty inside,” Tis a feeling that has naught to lay its hand on your shoulder You sympathize, maybe even compromise
I’m not a mind reader, but I know about you It’s something you want and I do too It’s called happiness, we all seek that gold It’s easy to find, at least that’s what I’m told It’s finding some money rolled in a band
An untamable spirit, fierce, full of love. As dangerous as a hurricane, more calming than a dove. Some claim she’s a warrior, retaining belligerence.
How does one fight for fairness without keeping score? If you have the answers , please , please say more. This rumbling and rattling in a vacant brain ... It’s enough to make one wonder if they ever were sane.
I wish I would have made friends with the monster under my bed,instead of building a prejudice with the atrocities people had said.All the years I spent, running to my bed,
When I was younger I felt very lost I played with my toys But didn't realize the cost I knew I had a mission For my curiosity to explore I searched everywhere But never opened the right door
Telling someone to "be kind" What a stupid thing to do We've been taught it since day one Only an idiot would not know It's something first graders learn 
Average, Normal, Typical, Who has the say to define such? Who has the say to define beauty, class, status? All is crafted and twined by mankind.
You sweet wandering child  with your soft, kind smile and hope-stricken thoughts oozing out your pores and  infecting those around you-- Tell me, how have you maintained your innocence in this
You make my skin crawl For you are unaware of your actions you say for you are not the predator But for me, I am your prey. Everyday I hide in my dark shadows
relentless searching eye wide, hoping who am i? i'm searching for the undiscovered eyes covered by blind blinds filled with lies my cries, can no longer be heard.
From the first day of stepping in the school, I felt like my life was no longer important. I didn't know anybody and most of the students ignored me. A few months went by and I lost all of my tools.
I used to know a girl sad and bare was she she cried all the time and never thought  about the bright side Hope had abandoned her her spirit destroyed her she never knew what to do
Love is kind Love endures Love is patient
Love is kind Love endures Love is patient
Between the lines I see light But any type of light it's the kind of light That you would want to touch That you can imagine what it would be like to be in that area
Seventeen in English class My ex-boyfriend has assaulted me in the future And my friend eats pills that make him see red In a metaphorical sense if you didn’t understand   I’m writing poetry for my teacher
why do we see such earthly beauties as such monsters? why do we say they are cold blooded lacking emotion and feeling?
Thy kindnesses are to me sweet As a barbed rose, which I grasp ungloved To learn that I was unloved  By thee was to my soul a frosty defeat   But my heart scarce can dwell in conceit
On a warm summer day, a young child was walking with her parents through the New York City shops. A crisp 20 dollar bill was clutched in her hand, ruffling in the slight breeze as she skipped happily about.
Dear God, I love You. Very Very Much I love You because You first loved me There’s no Love greater than Yours, I’ve never heard of such
To The old man in the wheel chair at the art gallery last month, You said I was in your way, and then you called me ignorant, And I wanted to say I'm sorry, But I knew my words did not make up for it.  
Dear Love,I know you will come somedayBut it's hard to wait for you.I know I will be happy somedayBut it's hard to see that now.
True kindness is a gem You only experience it a handful of times in your life When you experience it, it's like a rose Or maybe, a rose garden
Dear You (yes, YOU, reading this), when they write us down in history, what is left to remember us by? will it be the rumble of our cars passing by? spewing posionus gasses that will fill our infant's eyes.
Dear Me From Last Year,   hi. yes, it's you. this seems strange. i am aware. but do not be afraid; i bring good news. you see,  you have things that are waiting on you;
Man, her smile is so big, why is she so happy? Why is she always smiling? She sits alone, always looking in her phone But what they didn't know is that there is a battle going on
Jesus Name is so Sweet. He is Immanuel That means God is with us, so all is Well Let me say it again, Happily, I repeat: Jesus Name is so Sweet.
Small babe crying, Father's denying  Her very existence  While Mother is sighing Is this love? She develops in uncertainty Basking in apathy  The result of a broken home.
with you there’s no need for explanations and no misinterpreted expectations   with you there are no fears
It is one moment that changes a life.  I don't care about landmarks;  This isn't what I speak of.  In my head, there are echoes of kindness,  Whispered softly but still heard. 
Tomorrow's not a given, darlin', so please watch what you say. If you regret harse words intended to hurt, take 'em back today.
Who is this faceless man I wonder The one who plagues my dreams I dont see him but I sense him   I may not see this faceless man  But, I still know he's there He walks beside me
Him and Her.   You shouldn't fix what's not broken, unless your in denial, but I don't want to admit,
Society states that we have to love With only the finest amount of qualities. Amazing looks and raw power, but nothing else can be above. Or else, ‘romance’ is dead.  
he slides his arms around my hips, we sway softly, lips to lips - the words come quiet in the cold, but we are warm, and we are home.  
"I'm sorry if I was sharp with you: but it's just because you descovered something broken." I'm sorry if I ever yelled at you." but it was just to cover that I'd flinched as you'd spoken."
Where have the days gone The ones seen in those old movies when sticks and stones were the tools of torture The ones where pain could be seen by others Where the scars were physical
First, they robbed, killed, and enslaved the Arawaks, They smothered the indigenous with Smallpox blankets, And they built an economy on the scarred backs of slaves.   Then they blazed a trail of tears,
yesterday i saw packs of zebras travel across vast lands to kill each other over who gets to run on which land the day before that i saw hummingbirds fly across vast lands to kill each other
America the Great? do we rate? There are homeless and poor... So we could do more to aid and to feed to help those in need. There also are wars, hate, crime and pollution.
Remember, Remember how America was great although there was terror Remember the Roosevelts and Honest Abe, what they contributed and oh, how they were aware
Perfume wore brave faces damp with worry. During familiar hugs she cried. Years of cologne waved
Locks of the true unknown lifting off of me like a thrown. Luscious lust of what we cannot have yet nothing more than a tangled past
The world is kind to let you pick your own poison Misery holds you underwater like an anchor Courage seeps through our skin, burning us alive Truth is a deadly pillow with a silver lining  
Most feelings are materialistic,  like receiving a gift or being complimented, or getting a splendid grade on a test,  or wearing a nice outfit that day. I desire deeper feelings.
There is something about The way it feels To make another person smile To make someone feel good There is something about The way it feels To make someone feel important
Today is the day, the day to rise. Rise above all that has been lost, all that has been done. I have been told that hope is lost. I believed that all hope was lost in this imperceptible darkness
It might just be the perfect day, It could also be the worst. But does it really, really matter? Of happiness I constantly burst!   It comes from the warm cup of coffee
What energizes one in early morning?             The favorite song drifting through the air             The symbol that the day is not for mourning,             But the beginning of the new, awakened by the music blare
I rise not for the sole purpose of Having some place to be- which I do, But rather, because I want to.
Slouching They already know Head down They already know Talking slow They already know No matter what I say They will know I am having a bad day   They take me
Walking souls, not discovered, No one knew their names, They yelled until their lungs gave out  and silence came through their vains  told they couldn't be  dreams flushing out like toxins through them,
How does one define humanity How can  I define human nature The human condition that knows hate ever passionately  but also unconditional kindness  How can I explain fickle minds that 
This day in particular  Was really quite gray The guy next to me sighed Hey, you okay?   I replied that I was fine I gesured him to go away  Yet, he wiped the tears from my eyes 
Our words will stumble from my memory, and I will not feel any emptiness When the sun's light sees her own reflection In me.  And then I will miss you no more   I will walk with quiet footsteps;
One thing.One thought.One idea. I am not a poetBut I know whatI really need. People. I need to believeThat each of my actionsImpacts people. People.
This estranged lump of earth softens underfoot with thoughts of their compassions For I was once among them and knew their truths Oh that mortal virtue!    
The world is crying  cause children are starving  while inside your dying  and you can't stop the heartache  the dealers are buying  the people are lying but you can't stop trying  to fight it
 Gentle, patient, always kind  never out of sight, never out of mind   We create  Although sometimes we lose   Often we fight for it But more often we can't choose  
I fell into his eyes...
One day I wore red lipstick to feel beautifulAnd when I say red I meanthe color of a ripe strawberryThe color of fresh oozing bloodThe color of fire trucks wailing to extinguish the fire
"It brings me joy to see the sun rise As it warms over the world It touches my heart to see a stranger  Bring a stray in from the cold Because small acts of kindness Will be big someday
Kindness should be easy, love should have no end. Forgiveness should be effortless especially to a friend.   Good should be our moral guide Faith should concur fear Integrity should be infinite
It's Kind It Knows No Enemies It Thinks No Evil It Rejoices Truth   It Believes All It Never Fails It's not Faith or Hope It's Love.
people with depression aren't lazy people with anxiety aren't rude people with mental illness aren't crazy people with suicidal thoughts are boo'd it's like i can't get through with a fucker like you!
Caring is o so kind. If  not be so easy-
When the opportunity arises to express love,
"Can I have the-" "The 5 dollar footlong? Yes, you may sir!" He chuckles softly every time I finish his order for him His name is Lorenzo and he lives down the street in his 'man cave' as he likes to call it
. pain, tears, and suffering disappointment in yourself and others’ disappointment in you   anger, hurt, and screaming
Isn't it strange how we can have so many friends, yet feel so alone? Isn't it strange how someone we know can become someone we knew?
Random acts of kindness to the strangers we don’t know. Anonymously letting our secret personality show. We are humans that have universes living within.
Never forget how to be kind- laugh, share, appreciate, smile.
I don't know why you wear a mask,
I think it's awesome when voices shout "injustice!" in response to oppression and when  women don't just wash tables, but sit at them    I think it's awesome when women are supportive
sound wave
Kindness A word that is  Thrown                                                          Around Every                                                           Day Yet when said never seems to weigh
Waking up from a dream feeling all bubbly While everyone else looks  at the world humbly I get out of bed everyday with the thought That today and no later is the day that I ought
It lurks within the waters, to bring him back, been away, but can't turn around. 
People These Days They are changing like leaves in the fall And they leave you like They don't need you at all...
I see the illumination ofdesecrationof the human kind,but when they turn off the mic
There is many bad things in this world, Racism, Sexism, Disease, Terroism, Hunger, Homelessness, It seems endless, Hopeless even, But what if I could change one thing,
I know the tear soaked pillow all too well.
As you barbarically rip the skin from my back
For decades you’ve used our bodies as your pincushion
In my heart Giving to others is the only way.   Ending the pain, loss, darkness in this world.   A smile, a kindness, this is my vow.  
When I look in the mirror, I see what I see, my desires have driven me to blind true reality. How can I tell if my soul has progressed?
Let x equal me
If you’ve ever loved a boy who is both out of your league and culture Whatever he meant by that You would know what it’s like to sit at a dining table in a home
Your power comes from a preconceived idea
Technology, oh how we love it all,
What would I change? Oh how vast that question is. There is no limit to the problems in our world.
Behind ev’ry face, There is a room; A room filled with Tons of drawers.   Hidd’n in these drawers
What makes me tick? If you've got a moment go ahead and sit, I won't be long, I'll make it quick. The things in life worth living for are simple for me to admit.  
Wanna be happy? Go do good. The most potent medicine- something so misunderstood.   Wanna be powerful? Be a giver. Put others before yourself- you'll be the bigger winner.      
One thing I always ask myself is “why?” and “how could someone I don’t really know mean so much to me?”.
I was walking through school during lunch one day when I heard at once a peculiarly snobbish voice saying "I just don't understand it," and so you see, I simply had to turn and look.
MOM patient with the biggest heart <3 a care for others even after all they done wrong   gossip with intentions to cure any situation i honor your beauty,ease you have with words are a sensation
We are, we are Hanging by a thread But we are definitely Lucky we're not dead   We're not dead, And with that said, Let us enjoy our daily bread And live rightfully so.
Seldom do I think your not powerfulA servant of JoyA peace initiation for the Indians of SenecaA LoveA FireA beautiful path in the light of foreverA reminder of effortless serenityPush me down
Respect yourself, for your mind and body are a beautiful thing. Treat others kindly, for there are words that can feel quite a sting. Don't take anything for granted, for this could be your last day.
Respect yourself, for your mind and body are a beautiful thing. Treat others kindly, for there are words that can feel quite a sting. Don't take anything for granted, for this could be your last day.
Ah, the good old days, Where people laugh and smile, And children run and play. Kindness stays in town for a while.   Oh, the pressing present, Where people push and scorn,
If I had the power to change one thing, it would be this: I would change a characteristic many people have, and that is ignorance.   For we live our lives in a way that best suits us
  Like a Flower             Lit by suns             Blossom like roses             Beautiful within             Astonishing outside            
How do you choose just one thing to make the world a better place? Do you go big? Or do you go small? Is there one thing that is greater than another?   Some things don't make a big difference,
            The little white bug glows and hums again,             Within it could be a sting or a hug.             Afraid to see, I reach hesitantly down             And pick up my future, past, and present.
did you know how much you mean to meor that I absolutely treasure youyour so unique in every way.I may make fun of you in every wayand pick on you for your little quarks
A whisper here a hush there I feel the wind run through my hair It tells me tales of our wondrous land Of the lost good of the kind man He helped the poor and strengthened the weak
What would I Change?               That Question of Old, It follows, it nags, begging to dwell,               In the center of your mind, "Think of me, Think of me, All the time!"
What would I change about the world? There are many things, but let's give it a whirl. This world that's filled with poisoned air and polluted lakes. Where education runs everyone the same
The Butterfly Effect. One act of kindness From one person a day Could save a life.   A couple years from now, Someone may look back  At the act you did for them and smile.  
Making the world go round, A piece of advice you hear everyday. You keep turning and trying and living, But what is that? anyway. You try and you try  But you go no where, nothing. 
One O to another             Having blessed vigor             And stunning figure             You stand out             Just right about            
Just a Friendly Tiding             Far I am from you             My Brother of blood             Years have passed many days             Since we last spoke unto one another
Rebecca Shane               Riveting steel talons             Slung over your shoulders             Blood red blotches             Stain your soles  
Sadly being nice is not in our blood, it is a treasured quality that few possess but all should wish for.
The people squirming Through each other Sprinting Pacing Chuckling Weeping Briefcases in hand Lunging For the office Laptops Cellphones Watches Files
Cold stares, crying children Dirty looks and those of pity Sadness, fear, and depression They all tie together in this city   But everything could change Starting with just a smile
You? How true Are you? Are you lost? In a faraway place Where you conceal Your true face Oh what color? Do you see Yes When you see me Do you see blue?
Sitting at a table all alone, is a highschool boy I've never known. People appear to not see him  there, I agrily think, nobody cares. They all walk by without a thought, of the lonely boy who is forgot.
If I had power real power I'd change the idea that cruelty is power.   Unneccessary unkindness is a concept that I thought had expired in middle school but apparently not
You're sitting on bricks stacked haphazardly upon one another in the heat of the August sun.
The whole world would love,  WIthout a doubt in my mind,  No one would be above, Everyone, a bit more kind.    Spreading happiness from soul to soul,  Instead of bringing people down- 
In this day and age Things all seem like they're going to crap. Fires and poverty and war and death. Hell on earth and pain come to life, Like our eyes have been opened to what things can really be.
"You bitch, slut, freak, weirdo" We here these words float down our hallways and out into the breeze. So common in our daily lives that we no longer flinch from their stinging touch.
Kindness is helping make plans, pushing to chase dreams It's helping to throw a pebble in a racing stream.  The pebble doesn't stop the stream, but when it's joined by two or three it makes a difference can't you see.
1. Scrub your skin cleanuntil the fingerprintsof mean boysare wiped clear fromyour thighs and wrists. 
Sunshine will burstthrough my ribcageand illuminate the skywith a warm yellow lightthat will pourover your skinduring yourcoldest winters.Daffodils will sprout from myeye sockets
  You spend five hours of your week teaching ME. You spend your time guiding ME. You use you power to help ME grow. The appreciation I have to show is something I want YOU to know.
Kindness is feeling Pain and not wanting someone to go through that Kindness is seeing Someone who's hurt and wanting to help Kindness is showing Love and kindness Kindness is knowing
I envy those who are blind. I envy them because I trust too much in my eyes, I smile with my eyes, Converse with thy eyes, Communicated with thy eyes,
Words can mean everything, / Or nothing. / Words bring you joy, / Or despair. / Words show you're wise, / Or foolish. / Words can give confidence, / Or heartbreak. / Words can be heard, / Or ignored. / Words can teach, / Or destroy.
I drag my feet through the halls.  Tired eyes, stress at home. Please do not fall.  Friends turned their backs. Feeling all alone, all I needed was a good smack.  That person, who believes...believes in me. 
She held my hand as a child, keeping me upright and safe.  She supported me in my older years, saying,  "Life is the chances you take."  Now today I reminice these times,  haunting me more and more.  I hope, in other words,  she'll always be happy
Don't live wishing for wings When legs can take you just as far Live life as a nomad A sailboat without an anchor Life is too short to allow for ordinarity   Remember opened eyes can be used to see
A caring word from the heart, or An action done for someone else; The ability to display affection, or The ability to think outside one’s self. In this world, an individual is the focus:
I have oh-so very many words to say They build up and swell in my noggin all day. They churn and tumble about in my head And pester me long after I've gone to bed. There are short words, And l o n g words,
Kindness is infectious It gets into your soul It spreads throughout your body Like cancer through a mole
You see them sitting there Cold on the corner You can't help but stare But what will they care? They've lost their dignity They've lost their pride too So why would they care
Ladies are like daisies. You first must plant a seed, showing them that you want whatever you have to one day bloom and blossom. Searching for the best soil for there hardened but fragile shell.
I don't understand people. Why we go around day after day with blindfolds on. Slapping the pavement with our shoes. Not caring who or what is around us. And God forbid anything gets in the way of wherever we are going.
Lying in your arms under thick covers The heat of your body against mine Banishes my feverish chills
It Starts With Cherries Everything starts with cherries you see, Those wonderfully sweet things They made a smile appear on your face But it wasn’t just because of their taste
‘Tis sweet thither sun, atop th’ wavèd sea. Lone candle in darkness, from whence it hath risen.
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