Listen to me

sound waves travel from one ear to the next

I wait for my words to have their effect

for someone to react, and to give me their ear

but silence has stolen what I thought was real


I tell you my fears and the thoughts on my mind

waiting for a response or maybe five

but no one has listened, no one even cares

I gave you my heart, but you threw it down the stairs


your eyes say your thoughts and I read them so raw

they tell me i'm talking but stare at the walls

mumble a reply and they shove it away

then they start to talk and expect me to stay


my words full of wisdom, full of content

I only asked for one ear to be lent

but you couldnt give me what I needed most

you stood there beside me and started to boast


expect me to have the heart to give you

while I asked for one ear, you asked  for two

what were you thinking as you shoved me aside

I just want to be listened to but you made me cry


I cried and I cried for someone to hear me

but not just to hear me, to listen clearly

to give me a part of themselves for an hour

was all I did ask, not for diamonds or power


I stand here so silent, some time has gone by

thoughts pent up inside me, I try not to cry

but somehow I seem to let it all go

I've taught  you all how, now that you know


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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